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Patent Drawing Symbols: Everything You Need To Know

The success of a patent application relies mostly on the way we present our information to the USPTO. If it is convincing enough, chances are, that it might grant patent comparatively in a lesser period. Patent drawings are one of those tools that we use in the patent application. The objective is to let examiners understand the functionality or design of our patents without putting much stress. In other words, we can say is, that, the patent drawing symbols strengthens an application and increases the probability of patent grant manifold. Though it is not mandatory, it adds a lot to its quality and hence, inventors ought to provide such a patent illustration that can present their invention/design in a much more convincing way.

Patent Drawing Symbols

Patent Drawing Symbols: Significance

Creating drawings for an invention is not like casual drawings that we use in our day to day life. It is because, in this case, you need to follow the rules, set forth by the respective patent office religiously and a single dash-line could make or break your overall goal. Here, the patent illustrator needs to have adequate technical knowledge of the domain to which the invention belongs and acquaintances with a patent regulatory framework. Lagging in any of these two dimensions could be detrimental to your application as one may not put or present the information as required by the respective patent regulatory framework.

While creating patent illustrations many times we need to include graphic symbols. They can depict the functionality of the invention correctly. For example, if an inventor is applying to the domain of medicine and physiology, he/she might be using chemical symbols to represent various elements and compounds in their form. Likewise, a request from electrical and electronics domain might be using electric symbols to describe different components of a circuit, like an ammeter, voltmeter, wattmeter, watt-hour meter, etc. Same goes true for multiple other domains where patent applications are filed. However, we need to remember that we can use symbols that have universally recognized conventional meaning. Moreover, they are accepted in the arena of science and technology.

Patent Drawing Symbols: Classification

There are mainly four kinds of graphical symbols. They are as follows:

  • Graphic symbols: Graphic symbols are visually perceptible figures that have a universal conventional meaning. They transmit information independently of language to the reader or the examiner (in this case). For example, in the domain of life sciences and medicine, we use various graphic symbols to depict water, carbon, sulphate, sucrose, benzene, fructose, glucose, and many other molecules. Likewise, if we have a patent application that is related to “Heat Exchanger” we may want to use shell & tube, fired heater (furnace), high fin-fan and many other components that are integral to our invention.
  • Greek alphabets:  Greek alphabets indicate angles, wavelengths and mathematical formulas in a patent application. It may include alpha (α), beta (β), gamma (γ), delta (δ), etc.
  • The standard character set: There come many occasions when we need to use symbols that are neither numbers nor alphabets. In such a case we may use standard characters that may transmit information accurately to the examiner or the patent office. Some of the critical standard characters that we use in patent applications are the exclamation mark (!), dollar sign ($), percent sign (%), ampersand (&), apostrophe (‘), left parenthesis (, period (.), and decimal point (.).
  • Dimension: Generally, we focus on four major aspects, such as accuracy, completeness, clarity, and readability.


To sum it up we can say that the creation of patent drawings need specialized skills. It may be overwhelming for those who are new to the domain of patents and patent filing. In such a case you need to consult a patent drawing service provider having technical knowledge for creating such drawings.

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