Create Impressive Patent Drawings: Tips & Tricks

Shading in patent drawings is one of the most indispensable parts as it helps to understand an invention by defining the shapes, visually. Let’s learn various tips and tricks to create impressive patent drawings.

Let us first understand the two types of shading techniques, i.e. Linear and Stippled.

Linear Shading Stippling Shading
Lines are used to create shades Small dots are used to create shades
Less time consuming as it can be also applied using computer software Time-consuming and expensive as they are created using hands. It even produces a better result as they are made using hands.
Preferred more Preferred less


Linear shading can be further categorized into the following three forms:

Names Description
Bold Lines It is used for highlighting the edge or side of an object which is in shade.
Thin Lines It is used for creating object side or edge which faces light.
Surface Shading lines It is thinnest of all and is used for surface shading. In case of shading spherical and cylindrical surface objects, the gap between the lines increases. In this shading form, closer lines show dark or shaded side whereas wider spaced lines show object’s light side.

Impressive Patent Drawings: Tips & Tricks

Tips to create proper shading:

To obtain impressive and effective shades, one must follow the rules of lights while drawing. Few of them are mentioned below:

  1. While shading, the light coming from the upper left-hand must fall at a 45-degree angle at the object surface.
  2. Also, the lines must not be closely packed. If lines don’t appear clear and sharp then, it would not be effective.

In case of design patent applications, surface shading is all about clarity. The shape of a complex curvature can be considered for an example wherein proper shading and boundary outlines make it more artistic and clear. If shading is not done then, the drawing will appear unclear and will be very difficult to understand.

Tips for improving patent drawings:

  • Draw everything to scale
  • Try to put several drawings on one page
  • Folds, crease etc. must not be there on the paper

Benefits of creating proper shading:

Creating an appropriate patent drawing is not an easy task. The drawing must be impressive such that it does not face any objection from the examiner and meets all the requirements. The two major benefits of applying proper shading are:

  1. Supports examiner understanding and helps in patent approval
  2. Makes invention clear and unambiguous

Tricks to improve shading in complicated patent drawings:

It is very difficult to show every bit of specification when it comes to a more technical and complicated patent drawing. In that case, to make it more precise, the trick is to give more attention towards the following two components of shading:

1# Tangencies: It may be a line, curve or surface which touches another surface or curve without intersecting or crossing it.  Moreover, it is the area where shading makes a huge difference. Tangent edges are formed when 2 different surfaces meet with each other. In another way, it is also formed when an object’s surface changes its character. In drawings, it is not shown that they have definite edges and they exist as a part of the surface shading in line drawing. Tangential edges help an examiner better understand an item’s shape.

2# Bold Lines: The bold line plays a major role in surface shading as they are used to highlight very important attributes such as openings, raised areas, shadow sides, and indentations of an object. Without shading, it is very difficult to know if the area is hollow, indented, or raised. Patent drawings shading is not allowed in all countries. China is the country where shading is not permitted in patent drawings. However, proper outlines need to be done for clarity.

The use of tangencies and bold lines will surely improve every bit-detail of your patent drawings.

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All patent drawings do not need surface shading, but in case, if it is required then it will help to illuminate the item’s shape. No matter, where patent drawings will be used, but they provide good defense for a good application.

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