February 22, 2017

Client Reviews

Steven O’Donnell, Patent Attorney – 3C Patents

“TPDC is the only company I use for patent illustrations. Their work is always high-quality and done quickly, even when I send them pretty rough sketches. Changes, if needed, are done promptly and with great attention to detail. I’ve only told a few close associates about them because really, I like to think of them as a secret weapon.”

Anthony Taylor, Document and Map Specialist at Conrail

“This looks great! I can see me using it also referring others. I am glad I found The Patent Drawings Company (TPDC).”


Mark C. Bach, Senior Counsel, Navistar, Inc.

“The Patent Drawings Company (TPDC) is an effective and efficient addition to my patent practice. PDC provides quick and accurate drawings at a cost that cannot be beaten!”

Partner, US Patent Law Firm

“Draftsmen at TPDC are highly experienced, trustworthy, and great at drawing patent figures. Every-time, TPDC has delivered me very clear & accurate patent figures. I needed a quick but complex patent drawings requirement in a short time frame, and Team provided quick turn around and excellent design figures to me.”

Dave Lindbeck, Patent Attorney at Lingbeck Law Office

“The Patent Drawings Company has drafted drawings to what I have requested and has shown all the features I have asked for and has done so in a remarkable turnaround time and has done every revision I have requested without question.  I recommend using this company for your all your patent drawing needs.”