August 22, 2016

Patentability Searches

Maximize your protection & minimize the office actions by having the accurate information before patent filing.

  • PatSketch (Formerly The Patent Drawings Company): 8+ Years of Business, 100+ Full Time Searchers, 30+ Tech Areas, 500+ Patentability Searches/month.
  • Multi-lingual (16+ Languages) capabilities covering 100+ Countries.
  • Wide non-patent literature coverage (scientific literature, journal articles, conference papers, TKDL library and many more).
  • Search results to help draft applications that not only cover current state-of-the-art but all possible future infringements.
  • Multiple variants (see below) to match your budget and completeness requirements.
  • Searches and manual analysis conducted by subject matter experts, reports includes expert comments on each prior-art.
  • Quick turnaround to secure the earliest priority date.

Having a Query? 

Patentability Search Price - PatSketch

View Samples Download: Quick Variant,  Adequate Variant, Comprehensive Variant

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If you have any questions regarding the Patentability Searches, please call us at +1 206 278 5151 or send us an email at or Submit your details through below form:

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