A Guide to Patent Drawings, Draft Descriptions, and Abstracts

Our effective guide to patent drawings, draft descriptions, and abstracts suggests that patent application always consists of multiple parts. Each section of an application serves a different purpose. These parts include the draft description, patent drawings, and abstract. The draft description mentions every detail of the invention and patent drawings help illustrate it. Then comes[…]

A Short Guide to Office Actions in Utility Patent Drawings

A Short Guide to Office Actions in Utility Patent Drawings

The office actions in utility patent drawings are official documents written by an examiner and mailed to an applicant after the evaluation of a patent application. Applicants usually receive office actions on their patent applications either when the applications fail to meet the patentability criteria or when the drawings appended to the applications are riddled[…]


Patent Drawings: How to Differentiate Between Industrial Designs and Patents

Though we differentiate between industrial designs and patents, both are the subsets of intellectual property rights. However, many confuse the two due to the blurred line of distinction between both. This article intends to differentiate between industrial designs and patents based on several factors, including the objective to secure certain aspects of intellectual property. Also[…]

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