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Patent Diagrams: Role in Patent Application

Often when you look at a picture with some meaning, you quickly understand it. Reading a long paragraph on it will make it less understandable and readable. It will be less attractive and more difficult to consume time in reading a paragraph rather than analyzing a picture. Patent diagrams make it convenient for the patent examiner to understand the invention more closely and easily approve it.

Patent diagrams present the virtual illustrations of the invention. They portray the invention in a way that each subsequent part and newly invented part is vividly clear and understandable by the examiner.

How many patent diagrams should be there in a patent application?

  • There is no specific number of patent drawings that you should include in your patent application. But it is good to have at least one patent diagram in the application.
  • Using as many patent diagrams as necessary for illustrating your invention is a good practice.
  • It is good to prepare patent diagrams for all the inventions unless the invention is a chemical compound or process.
  • Also, don’t add unnecessary patent diagrams just to bulk up the application.

So, you should try to add patent diagrams along with your patent application and reduce the chances of getting a rejection or office action.

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What do patent diagrams do?

  • They present the features of your invention and with that, you can show the examiner how your invention looks.
  • It is easy to get an exact claim for your invention and get the most benefit out of your patent.
  • They reduce the time of understanding and examining the patent application for the patent examiner.
  • They highlight in detail what the invention is like and explain each attribute that is new to the world and needs the claim.
  • They explain difficult parts of the invention which are not easily understandable through the written text.
  • They make a critical invention physical and understandable.
  • They make the application more presentable and increase the chances of getting approval and that is the ultimate goal of the patent application.

Hiring a professional is first step towards preparing good patent drawings and also it is not so expensive to hire one.  It is also possible to cut costs on their preparation by various methods and you can read How to Invest less in Patent Drawings? After reading this, you can get to know what all you can do to invest less in your patent drawings as well.

The power of patent diagrams should not be under-estimated. It can get approval to your application on the first go itself if prepared by keeping in view all the rules of United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

The role of patent diagrams is huge and also adding good quality of them is important to get the most out of it. Good quality of patent diagrams include:

  • Clearline drawings
  • Right measurement and scale
  • Clean paper without any fold or unnecessary lines
  • Sheet and margins according to USPTO rules

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So, the role of patent diagrams has a huge space in the patent application of the inventor and thus, should not be underseen. Equal efforts should be made to prepare patent diagrams along with the patent application and to be more fearless about patent rejection. So, hire a professional for your convenience and save time and efforts, which an inventor may waste drawing them himself.

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