Patent illustrator – What you need to know?

A professionally qualified patent illustrator is an invaluable asset to any intellectual property attorney. Patent drawings are used by the USTPO to determine whether or not a patent will be granted. They serve as a visual evidence of the invention, conveying its design and utility in ways that words and diagrams can not. But what[…]

Patent Drawing – How it impacts your Patent Application?

Applying for a patent is no easy feat. Inventors must submit a variety of documents and drawings in order to have their invention patented. Among these is the patent drawing, which is a drawing of the invention that will be used to help explain the invention in the written patent application. While most people focus[…]

The Patent Drawings Company – The Professional Solution To Your Needs

The patent drawing company is a professional and affordable answer to your patent needs. We provide high-quality patent drawings that are both accurate and detailed. Our team of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in all aspects of patent law. We offer a wide range of services including patent searching, filing, and prosecution. The Patent Drawings[…]

Patent Drawings

Need of Patent Drawings in Patent Application

We know that visual representation is more effective than textual representation and the same is true for patent applications. Rather than presenting just a written description to the patent examiner, it is much more worthwhile to have patent drawings or patent illustrations accompanying the description. They guide the patent examiner through the invention and clearly explain how[…]

Utility Patent

Utility Patent Drawing Requirements are Necessary or Not?

Utility Patent Drawing Requirements collectively form a wide array of guidelines. The Office or the USPTO  has issued these guidelines to make a secure patent grant process. Moreover, these guidelines ensure that a patent application process runs smoothly. Also, applicants may avoid many errors in their patent applications, following the USPTO guidelines. A patent application[…]

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