Patent Drawings: How to Differentiate Between Industrial Designs and Patents

Though we differentiate between industrial designs and patents, both are the subsets of intellectual property rights. However, many confuse the two due to the blurred line of distinction between both. This article intends to differentiate between industrial designs and patents based on several factors, including the objective to secure certain aspects of intellectual property. Also[…]


Top 3 Design Patent Drawing Errors That Result in Office Actions

Intellectual property practitioners are familiar with the implications of errors in a patent application. These errors can undoubtedly result in an office action. While filing a design patent application, majority of design patent drawing errors occur due to insufficient disclosures in patent drawings/illustrations. Therefore, these mistakes invite office action from the patent examiner. This article[…]


Role of Engineering Drawings in Patent Application

Engineering drawings or Patent Drawings are the drawings that illustrate the invention of the inventor to the stakeholders. They are very helpful to the patent examiner when he goes through the patent application. A good and rejection-proof patent application should always contain engineering drawings. A patent application without engineering drawings is rare. The drawings need[…]


How to Use Different Line Patterns in Patent Drawings to Clearly Describe the Claimed and Unclaimed Disclosure

Patent drawings are an important part of a patent application as they can better explain an invention. Generally, applicants use different types of line patterns in patent drawings while drafting a patent. Further, the disclosure of an invention should be such that an individual having ordinary skills within the art can understand the invention. The[…]


Use of Patent Drawings in Artificial Intelligence

The use of patent drawings in artificial intelligence is becoming widespread. Businesses are gradually realizing the significance of AI patents. During the patenting process, illustrations play a crucial role in mitigating the risk of rejection. This is because drawings facilitate a better understanding of an invention. Therefore, this article talks about a variety of methods[…]


How To Enhance Creativity Of Design Patent Drawings

Creativity of design patent drawings cover the ornamental aspects of a product. However, inventions have both functional and ornamental characteristics. Thus, you can apply for both a design and utility patent for the same invention. Design registration helps in protecting products that you can distinguish through their novel shape. However, the requirement for registration is such that[…]

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