Three Things To Know Before Creating Patent Drawings

A patent is a type of intellectual property. It grants exclusive rights for an inventor to exclude others from making, using or selling an invention for a defined period. Patents are granted for new, useful, and non-obvious inventions, and are territorial, implying that one must apply in each jurisdiction where protection is sought. Patent drawings[…]


Five Tips For Choosing The Right Patent Illustrator

Patent applicants are required to submit patent drawings of their invention as it is necessary to understand the workings of the invention. As these drawings are technical, applicants find the task of preparing them to be quite daunting. Applicants must outsource it to the right patent illustrator equipped with the proper knowledge, expertise, and skills[…]


A Guide to Patent Drawings, Draft Descriptions, and Abstracts

Our effective guide to patent drawings, draft descriptions, and abstracts suggests that patent application always consists of multiple parts. Each section of an application serves a different purpose. These parts include the draft description, patent drawings, and abstract. The draft description mentions every detail of the invention and patent drawings help illustrate it. Then comes[…]


3 Important Elements of a Good Patent Drawing

Patent illustrations are the visual representation of the invention in question that explains the complex creation in a simpler way. They make for an important element of your patent application. A good patent drawing not only makes your application stronger. It also helps the patent examiner to understand your invention easily. Sometimes, written documentation is[…]


Patent Drawings: How to Differentiate Between Industrial Designs and Patents

Though we differentiate between industrial designs and patents, both are the subsets of intellectual property rights. However, many confuse the two due to the blurred line of distinction between both. This article intends to differentiate between industrial designs and patents based on several factors, including the objective to secure certain aspects of intellectual property. Also[…]


Top 3 Design Patent Drawing Errors That Result in Office Actions

Intellectual property practitioners are familiar with the implications of errors in a patent application. These errors can undoubtedly result in an office action. While filing a design patent application, a majority of design patent drawing errors occur due to insufficient disclosures in patent drawings/illustrations. Therefore, these mistakes invite office action from the patent examiner. This[…]

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