Some Incredible Drawings of Thomas Edison’s Inventions

Patent drawings have always been an important component of patents. Not only it gives a clear picture of your invention but also minimizes the examiner’s time to grant the patent. Down the ages, inventors have been using illustrations for patents as an effective tool to convey their ideas. However, with the advancement of time creating[…]

Creating Illustrations for Inventions

Creating Illustrations for Inventions: The Basic Rules

We must have heard this adage “A picture speaks a thousand words.”  This goes true for patent drawings or creating illustrations for Inventions, because, drawings that are drawn meticulously, clearly, and consciously can speak much more about your invention than reams of words. In other words, we can say is that an effective patent drawing can[…]

Patent Drawings Rules

Patent Drawings Rules: Part III

To explain the invention, it is must to present drawings along with patent application in front of the USPTO. The drawings must follow the patent drawings rules set forth by the USPTO to get the success. The drawings do not have to deal with the art, but ought to describe and demonstrate your invention with[…]

Patent Drawings Rules

Patent Drawings Rules: Part II

Patent Drawings “Art is not a thing, It is a way to Success.”                                            ~Elbert Hubbad The above-mentioned quote can be justified for patent drawings, as well. Since, patent drawings is an art which requires[…]


Patent Drawings Rules: Part I

Patent Drawings  Rules “Every practice has a set of rules which governs it.”  ~ Fiel Valdez                                                The aforementioned quote is true to its simplicity. Rules and regulations are important for society as it[…]

Drawings, Sketching, Designing, And Drafting

Drawings, Sketching, Designing, And Drafting: Are They All Same?

Humans have been expressing their inner hearts through drawings, sketches, paintings and other visual forms right from the advent of civilization. However, these human aesthetics have been given proper recognition when the patent regime came into existence and their importance was realized while documenting the complete make-out of an invention or article of manufacture. No[…]

Unusual Patent Drawings

Unusual Patent Drawings: Some Interesting And Bizarre Drawings In Patents

The history of patenting is full of unusual patent drawings from various interesting and bizarre patents that can give a clear-cut indication of how creative human beings could be. Though they are bizarre, they are interesting enough to grab your eyeballs. And even compel you to think for a while. With this article, we have[…]

Impressive Patent Drawings

Impressive Patent Drawings: Tips & Tricks to Create

Shading in patent drawings is one of the most indispensable parts as it helps to understand an invention by defining the shapes, visually. Let’s learn various tips and tricks to create impressive patent drawings. Let us first understand the two types of shading techniques, i.e. Linear and Stippled. Linear Shading Stippling Shading Lines are used to[…]

Ways to Improve Patent Drawings Quality

Ways to Improve Patent Drawings Quality

Patent drawings are a visual representation that enhances the readability of the patent application. It includes an illustration of embodiments, chemical equations, stages, flowcharts, etc. They are included in a patent application according to the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) rules and regulations for patent drawings. However, there are some basic concepts which[…]