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What are Patent Drawings?

Patent drawings are detailed illustration of an invention that is submitted with the application during the Patent application process.  The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) demands a patent Drawing to ensure an easy understanding of the working and building procedure of the invention.

Why do we need Patent Drawings?

During the process of drafting Patent application, the applicant needs to describe the invention in the best possible way. If the applicant does not provide detailed description, he/she can lose the possibility of getting the Patent.

Thus, for dealing with this problem we need Patent Drawings. A Patent Drawing helps to illustrate the Invention thoroughly, as it contains

  • The physical design of every part of the Invention separately along with different views.
  • The detailed working principle and procedure of making of the Invention.
  • Graphs, charts, formulas, tables and key aspects of the Invention.

All these details help the Patent granting authorities to understand the Invention more precisely. It ultimately leads to the acceptance of the Patent application.

USPTO guidelines for Patent Drawings

To make your drawing acceptable you have to follow some set of rules provided by UPSTO.

  • You must use white paper as the base and black ink to work on it.
  • If there is a requirement of other colors in the illustration, then a different petition is submitted for the permission.
  • Using photographs is accepted but only when the illustration of the Invention is not clear with the drawing.
  • Paper size should be 21cm by 29.7cm / 21.6cm by 27.9cm.
  • Paper margins should be, 2.5cm at top, 2.5cm at left side, 1.5cm at right side and 1.0cm at the bottom.
  • Show as many views as possible (top view, bottom view, side view, sectional view) but they all must face the same side of the page.
  • Vertical drawings as preferred as compared to the horizontal ones.
  • Shading is allowed and English alphabets are used for numbering.

Types of Patent Drawings

There are basically three types of Patent drawings.

Utility Patent Drawings

These drawings deal with the utility patent. They depict the functional aspects of every part of the Invention. Utility Patents Drawings include markings for relating each other and contain block diagrams, formulas, flow charts, electric circuits and can also be presented in different views such as orthogonal, sectional, enlarged, exploded etc.

Design Patent Drawings

These drawings involve the appearance and physical properties of the invention. They show the ornamental design of the movable part. It requires shading to determine the texture of material, shape and outlines. They don’t have numbering for reference. They can also be shown with a number of views like enlarged, exploded, sectional etc.

Plant Patent Drawings

These drawings generally don’t work on the characters that provide reference. They are different from utility and design patent drawings. Generally they are in colored or Black-and-White format. The colored drawings may also include photographs.

When the illustration is not clear with just drawings then in that case photographs can be used.

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