Unusual Patent Drawings: Some Interesting And Bizarre Drawings In Patents

The history of patenting is full of unusual patent drawings from various interesting and bizarre patents that can give a clear-cut indication of how creative human beings could be. Though they are bizarre, they are interesting enough to grab your eyeballs. And even compel you to think for a while. With this article, we have tried to list a few bizarre and interesting patent drawings. For those, intending to include a drawing for invention in their patent application, could find these patent drawings useful.

1. Unusual Patent Drawings: Adjustable harness and animal birth control device

Issued on: November 18, 2004

US Patent No: 6,647,928

You must have heard of “Chastity-Belt” those were used by past emperors to keep intact the virginity of their newly married wife while leaving for a war. This patent resembles those, however, this is not meant for human females but for your pets. The device is equipped with a series of openings that allow urine to be passed through. This is one of the most interesting and bizarre kinds of the patent that the US patent office has ever granted.


Fig 1: Adjustable harness and animal birth control device

2. Unusual Patent Drawings: Wearable table

Issued on: June 06, 1995

US Patent No.: 5,421,499

This is another interesting patent pertaining to a table that you can wear. You can also use it while you are standing upright. Thus, this patent enables users to carry their workstation anytime and anywhere they want simply by wearing it.

Fig 2: Wearable table

3. Unusual Patent Drawings: Gun-shaped remote control unit 

Issued on: June Oct. 12, 1993

US Patent No.: 5,253,068

There may not be a clear consensus about whether American citizens will be allowed to have an arm for their own security or not, but they can use Gun-shaped remote control unit to operate their television set for sure. This patent granted by the United States patent office in the year of 1993 describes how to make such a gun.


Fig 3: Gun-shaped remote control unit for a television

4. Unusual Patent Drawings: Wearable computer system

Issued June Aug.25, 1998

US Patent No. 5,798,907

You must have conceived the idea of keeping your desktop computer on a table or keeping a laptop on your lap. but, have you heard about a wearable computer system? Chances are that you have not. But this patent granted by the United States patent office could help companies put this in practice.

This wearable computing device includes at least one computing device component module and flexible circuitry operably connected to the module. The module includes a top module portion, a bottom module portion. and at least one protrusion for holding the top module portion in a substantially fixed relationship with the bottom module portion.


Fig 4: A wearable computer system

5. Unusual Patent Drawings: Wearable power management system

Issued on: Aug. 5, 2014

US Patent No.: 8796888B2

This is a patent for a wearable system of power outlets, to charge electronics on the go. The present disclosure sets forth a power management system including a plurality of power management devices configured to transfer power among a plurality of external devices. The power management system includes a first power management device and a second power management device. 

Fig 5: Wearable power management system

Though it seems very easy to sketch a drawing and include it in a patent application. However, things are not that simple and if you are a serious business entity and don’t have much exposure in the domain of patenting then hiring an illustrator for patents could be the best option to go for.

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