Secure your Patent Drawings: Top 6 Methods

In the 21st century, there are a number of ways to gain success from your investments. One such idea is to get Patent for your idea. While framing/creating the patent application/document, it’s better to illustrate selective concepts with the help of Patent drawings. They are visual representation (such as, illustration of embodiments, chemical equations, stages, flow charts, reference numbers, several views, and photographs) of the idea that provides better understanding of the invention, without reading and understanding the whole specifications. If included, it must represent every feature that is disclosed in the claims. A visual representation that can be used to frame the whole application, must follow the guidelines to secure your patent drawings. Another important aspect to note is that inclusion of drawings is not compulsory, but since it makes better and quick understanding of the invention, it is highly recommended.

Drawing allows the reader to understand and implement the specifications without reading the text. The drawings illustrate the invention, showing every feature and embodiments (which are options or variations of the invention). An inference can be drawn from this; it’s much easier and faster to stole useful information from patent drawings than to study the whole specifications. This makes patent drawings much more vulnerable and prone for disclosure, requiring greater security for all aspects of the invention. Therefore, it is important to secure your patent drawings, by applying all the methods described below.

Methods to secure your Patent Drawings

Inclusion of drawings within the application enhances the understandability and chances of earning the patent. Seeking highest level of security for Patent Drawing should be on the top of priority list. Let’s understand various methods that must be inculcated to assure complete security of your patent drawings.

  1. Filing NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement): NDA’s, confidentiality agreements (CA), proprietary information agreement(PIA), or secrecy agreement (SA) are the best official ways to prevent any third party from disclosing the information about drawings. While discussing the information with patent attorney or agent, there is no need to use NDA, since the discussion will automatically be protected under the client/attorney privilege. NDA will create confidential relationship between parties to protect confidential information or trade secrets.
  2. Maintain track of all communication modes: Another method to keep an eye over, is to keep records of all modes of communication, such as faxes, emails, phone calls, etc. between receiving parties. Maintaining track of all the information which is exchanged over the Internet, especially over the mails, must be observed on regular basis, to ensure that zero loop-holes exist. In case, any information gets leaked out, it will be easier to identify the individual(s) involved, and strict action can be taken against that person(s).
  3. Install Internet security software: It is must to have latest and updated internet security software on every system which is used while communicating among all the relevant (attorney, third party if any, and applicant) people. There are number of software available in the market depending on user’s requirements and severity of their security that offers anti-virus, anti-spam, and anti-spyware protection.
  4. Regulate Firewall settings: Every system is pre-installed with a basic firewall that detects and blocks suspicious activities. Firewalls are also effective to block worms and hackers from accessing your computer. Microsoft has provided an in-built option called, ‘Windows Defender’ that is especially designed for Windows. It only needs to be installed (if not earlier) and activated.
  5. Monitor all Wireless connections: As the security has become more intense, hackers these days have learnt new techniques to even use unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots to steal your information and take control of accounts. Once your system gets connected to the Wireless hotspot, and you start sending your patent information (especially, patent drawings), hackers can take control of your system to access all your data files. It’s better to be aware about all these factors if you are sending your drawings over the internet to investors, prototype, engineering, or drafting firms. Also, one must check before sending the files that the site is secured one.
  6. Employ trustworthy and professional partners: Sometimes if all the security concerns are assured, people become the mode that leaks confidential information for monetary gain. In various countries, Patent Drafters offer their services in lower costs. Do not trust drafters if they offer their services in low wage or discounted price, unless you hold past records and services with that drafter. It’s better to be aware of good firms that maintains both confidentiality and information security. Also, employing less experienced professionals that lacks in knowledge and experience about the USPTO guidelines is a bad idea.

Thus, there are number of security variants available in market from might fit in your budget and suit your requirements. But, the aforementioned measures must be taken care to ensure the best in security modes. Take every possible precaution to protect and secure your invention from initial idea through to the market place. Inability to follow the predefined or pre-stated USPTO Patent Drawings 101 standards and lack of full knowledge, skills for patent drawings, can lead to objections being raised during patent examination, thereby resulting in increased patent prosecution time and cost. Thus, utter care must be taken to that all the issues must be clearly checked and verified once before filing, since the patent examiner looks into every minute detail of the claims that are listed in the application by the inventor.

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