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How drawings for patents make an application better?

“A picture speaks a thousand words” that ancient adage certainly holds true in the case of drawings for patents. An invention can often be more easily explained through drawings than in reams of description. Accurate, clear drawings strengthen and enhance patent applications, helping overloaded patent examiners to understand inventions faster.  

Though drawings for patents are not mandatory as per the statutory rules, still, it can be immensely important when it comes to presenting the idea to the office. Below are some of the benefits that a patent drawing can serve to its accompanying application.  drawings for patents

Drawings for Patents

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How drawings make a patent better:

1. Adds in the Understanding of the Invention: 

No matter whether your invention is a complicated mobile phone or a hi-tech air-plane, a well-crafted patent drawing can help you in many ways and thus would be a prudent idea to include it in your application.  drawings for patents

2. Can be a great tool for defense:

When things are not clear textually it can be interpreted in many ways which make a case weaker in the court. If there are drawings for patents in place all such confusions can be eliminated without putting much stress to either of the parties. Thus a patent drawing can be considered as one of the most potent ways to defend your idea and invention.

3. Scientific inventions should be depicted visually:

Unlike ordinary documents, scientific documents should be presented in a convincing and appealing manner so that your idea becomes evident to the examiners and people. Drawings for patents can assist us a lot in conveying our idea with clarity.

A draft person can do justice with its clients only when he/she is acquainted with the scientific aspects of the creation and present it accordingly.  drawings for patents

4. Helps impressing prospective licensee:

Patent drawings contain reference numerals those are used by the patent attorneys for detailed description. These reference numerals are used for drawing the attention of the prospective licensee and allowing him to easily envision the final product when it will be launched and sold to the end user.

5. Helps make points while litigating with infringers:

The arena of invention and patent is full of infringements and litigations, so you may not know what and how a party will bring in litigations for your intended invention.

The best way to avoid such instances by playing safe and if your invention is accompanied by a drawing you can put your points firmly as a patent drawing is there to support your point.

Putting it simply, we can say is that a patent drawing can add a lot to your application and thus despite the fact that it requires specialized skills should be included in an application.

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