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Five Tips For Choosing The Right Patent Illustrator


Patent applicants are required to submit patent drawings of their invention as it is necessary to understand the workings of the invention. As these drawings are technical, applicants find the task of preparing them to be quite daunting. Applicants must outsource it to the right patent illustrator equipped with the proper knowledge, expertise, and skills to prepare drawings that comply with the patent illustrations requirements.

A drawing that is well depicted is worth a thousand words. Comprehensive drawings can adequately leverage the understanding of the invention during the patent application process. However, it would be best to form the right strategy to choose the right US patent office drawing services. The patent illustrator should be able to bring success to your patent application. Here are a few essential factors you need to consider while selecting the right patent illustrator.

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5 Tips to Choose the Right Patent Illustrator

Knowledge and Certification

A patent illustrator should be well-versed with the guidelines defined by USPTO for preparing patent illustrations. Moreover, they should keep themselves up-to-date with the current changes in the technical specifications. The drawings should be aligned with these guidelines perfectly. Further, they must ensure that they have relevant experience in this field and necessary certification approved by recognized authorities that guarantees their expertise in preparing patent illustrations. They need to have strong patent knowledge to deliver patent drawings as per USPTO rules.

Electronic and Hand-Made Drawings

Based on the inventor’s requirements, the illustrator must use the appropriate tools for creating the required illustrations. Inventors may choose to opt for hand-made or electronic drawings. So, the illustrator should be capable of creating meticulous patent drawings in the selected manner. For electronic pictures, ensure that they use the best industry-relevant designing software like Adobe, CAD, SolidWorks, and more. Further, the drawings they create using these tools should meet the standards and specifications of the patent office. They need to use the latest software version with updated tools.

Time And Cost

While selecting the right patent illustrator, determine if they can meet the given deadlines without compromising on the work quality. You can look through their work portfolio to assess the reviews from previous customers. Ensure that they are charging you appropriately according to the market standards. The illustrator should make it a point to proofread the drawings before delivering them. It should be as per the Service Level Agreement for providing pictures of optimal quality.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

A patent illustrator should sign an NDA to ensure the confidentiality of the entire project. They need to maintain the integrity and security of your invention and illustrations. The data should not be subjected to any breach from their end.


Experienced patent illustrators know the different views and drawing types that will help you to properly illustrate your invention. At the outset, they can outline how they intend to move ahead with the illustrations that constitute a complete set of patent drawings. They should not wholly rely on previous models but bring in innovation relevant to your project. Moreover, they need to maintain transparency and communicate information to you at each stage.

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Choosing a competent patent illustrator is well worth the investment. It will enable you to get high-quality illustrations that aptly explain your invention and follows the USPTO guidelines.

Patent drawing services from PatSketch provide firms with professional and exact patent drawings. Furthermore, our staff of highly trained draftsmen designs and draws error-free drawings while adhering to the standards of the relevant patent and trademark offices.

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