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How to Convert Patent Drawings into Special Artwork

The legal and technical explanation of an invention shows up via illustrations. So, one can see the intangible innovation materializing right in front of their eyes. People often choose to convert patent drawings and keep them in the form of patent artwork. This is because patent drawings capture the ingenuity and creativity that went into the making of the invention. So, patent artwork includes elements from the patent filing and a photograph of the item on a contextual background. It is a design or a technical drawing that explains the overall details of the components of an invention.

On the same lines, PatSketch recently received a request from a client who wanted to convert patent drawing into artwork. The following case study explains how PatSketch’s experienced team of illustrators delivered this unique and interesting request successfully. So, let’s discuss the client’s request and the challenges associated with it.

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A Path Full of Challenges

An individual inventor operating in the product development domain approached PatSketch with an interesting request. She wanted to gift a patent drawing to a friend who recently opened a start-up. The client demanded that the drawings should be elegant enough to adorn the walls of the office.

Upon receiving the project, PatSketch’s illustration team understood the uniqueness of the request and the difficulties associated with it. The challenge was to depict the drawing with white or black lines on a colored background and a single sheet. This is in contrast to the patent drawing norms while drafting a patent application. The process required the team to understand the technical aspect of the component and maintain overall quality and measurement standards. The team also had to decide between standard layouts and the background color scheme of the patent art. Out of the few options highlighted below, PatSketch used ‘black grunge’ as a background color scheme for the client.

Fig.1: Background Color Schemes: Convert Patent Drawings

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PatSketch Solution

PatSketch’s illustration professionals identified key concepts of the product and targeted each one of them individually for analysis. Nearly 50 relevant patent art documents went through analysis to perform this task. It’s well worth noting that the patent artwork is simply an imitation that one would frame. Therefore, the team requires to conduct a detailed analysis to know the concept before converting it into a patent art.
After meticulous analysis, PatSketch prepared a detailed drawing with multiple figures. This helped to capture all the invention details in a single sheet. Furthermore, the team added graphical effects to the drawing and evaluated all aspects to explain the entire invention. Once the team identified all-important drawings, they created a final sheet with the required graphical artwork.

In this case, the focus of the patent drawing was a detailed image of the company’s logo. Notably, one can convert any invention or trademark into a patent artwork if the client wishes to add those details.

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Once PatSketch delivered the artwork, the client remained satisfied with the outcome. The result was completely in line with her expectations. The client appreciated the quality and timely support PatSketch provided. Moreover, it lauded the perfection and professionalism with which the team delivered the project.

Nowadays, one can make such patent artwork requests to third-party patent illustrators. They can convert patent drawings into desired artwork for inventors, hobbyists, and professionals. Not just frames, one can convert patent drawing into posters, blueprints, and much more depending on the customer’s requirement.

In line with such requests from clients, PatSketch prepares customized artwork with elegant graphical effects to suit their needs. Our team of experienced illustrators is adept at technically creating patent artwork to show the design of the conceptual work. To learn more about the service, click here.

-Kalyani VS (Illustration) and the Editorial Team

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