3 Important Elements of a Good Patent Drawing

Patent illustrations are the visual representation or drawing of the invention in question that explains the complex creation in a simpler way. They make for an important element of your patent application. A good patent drawing not only makes your application stronger but also helps the patent examiner to understand your invention easily. For when a written documentation is not enough to explain the invention, provisional patent drawings accompany the application as a graphical representation for the creation.

Sometimes people are in such a rush of filing a patent application that they forget whether the patent drawing is formal or informal. Incorrectly produced drawings can only slow down the process of patent application but also throw up several other risks. To protect your invention properly and increase the probability of your patent application getting accepted, hiring professional provisional patent drawings services is an efficient decision. They will save you from all the hassle, providing you an accurate and high-quality patent drawing.

Elements of a Good Patent Drawing

Now that we know the importance of a good patent drawing, it is equally important to know the elements that make any patent drawing high in quality, integrity, and accuracy. A correctly produced patent sketch will easily differentiate your creation and has chances of getting faster approval. Let us have a look at the important elements of a good patent drawing.

Emphasize on Crucial Details

Incorrect drawing is similar to a badly written description of your creation. In order to achieve the goal of establishing the originality of your invention and differentiating it from others, details are very important. Patents are rarely accepted by the examiners if it does not fit the criteria of originality. For that, you need to be as specific with the details as you can be. Patent drawings convey the information of how your invention works and thus, a detailed sketch can strengthen your application.

Precise Drawings

Simple, clear, and accurate sketches are not just easy to understand but prove the originality better, too. It is important to make sure you do not compromise on the quality of the drawing. All the requirements and aspects should be precise such as rules about margins, ink, paper size, and type. All these rules may seem not important enough but you must not ignore them. It makes a great impression on the examiner. Quality drawings are equally important as the written description. Just like it is perfectly spelled and structured, patent drawings also should be precise and high in quality.

Follow Guidelines

Though you might get tempted at times to submit a rough sketch of your invention in the patent application, this can badly affect the whole process. Following the USPTO guidelines helps in adding significant credibility to your patent application. A patent drawing that is 100% accurate and is created as per the USPTO guidelines has chances of qualifying well.

From hiring a professional and experienced professional illustrator to making sure the patent drawing is as detailed and high in quality form some of the steps taken towards strengthening your patent application.

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