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Three Things to Know Before Creating Patent Drawings

A patent is a type of intellectual property. It grants exclusive rights for an inventor to exclude others from making, using or selling an invention for a defined period. Patents are granted for new, useful, and non-obvious inventions, and are territorial, implying that one must apply in each jurisdiction where protection is sought. Patent drawings are a part of the patent document, and it shows the visual embodiment of an invention.

When filing a patent application with the USPTO, you need to include various descriptive information to enable the examiner to determine the patentability of your invention. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, including patent drawings, will help the examiner appropriately learn about the product. These drawings should depict all aspects of the invention which are covered in the claims.

Patent drawings are a key method to effectively communicate your invention’s unique features and expedites the process of inspection, evaluation, and approval. The USPTO has listed general guidelines for patent drawings which you need to strictly adhere to. It needs to clearly and accurately depict the nature of your invention and its functionality and operation in real-life scenarios. Every method or process can be shaped and formed by illustrations. Hence, it must form an indispensable part of your patent application. Here are few important things you need to know for creating your patent drawing.

Sheet Details

The drawing sheet needs to be white in color, and it to have a matte appearance. The sheet should be robust and pliable. The prescribed size is 21cm x 29.7cm or 21.6cm x 27.9 cm (8 ½’’ x 11’’). The margin should be uniform across the entire document. The margins must be 2.5 cm across the top, 2.5 cm along the left side, 1.5 cm along the right side, and 1.0 cm across the bottom. Vertical drawings are preferred over horizontal ones, and only one side of a sheet must be used.

Production Options

You can use CAD (computer-aided design) software for producing the 2D drawing views that USPTO requires based on a 3D model. It allows you to effectively create the drawings and meet the standards and specifications of the patent office. Besides the CAD platform, you can also use a low-cost alternative, like modeling software which also has free versions available. However, ensure that drawings are accurate and error-free. The lowest cost option is manual patent drawings. You need to appropriately follow the drafting standards to produce the hand-drawn set.


You can also outsource the production of your patent drawings to a certified illustrator. Patent drawings are technical and complex, and these illustrators possess the necessary skills and tools to create the drawings and bring success to your patent application. The patent illustrator should be aware of the guidelines defined by USPTO to prepare patent illustrations. They must also form a technical understanding of your invention to accurately capture the details. Further, they must ensure that they can meet the deadlines without compromising on the work quality.

Creating Patent Drawings? – Choose PatSketch!

These are a few important things that are concerned with the creation of your patent drawings. You need to comply with the precise standards set for these drawings to facilitate patent approval. You can choose any of these processes to create the drawings, but keep a vigilant eye on their accuracy and quality.

PatSketch understands the value of graphics and provides patent drawing services to its valued customers. Our professional illustration team creates designs that adhere to the regulations of the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO).

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