Some Incredible Drawings of Thomas Edison’s Inventions

Patent drawings have always been an important component of patents. Not only it gives a clear picture about your invention but also minimizes the time required by the examiner to grant the patent. Down the ages, inventors have been using illustrations for patents as an effective tool to convey their ideas. All we can say is that drawings that are drawn meticulously, clearly, and consciously can speak much more about your invention than reams of words. However, with the advancement of time creating drawings of inventions have become more complex and sophisticated as there are plenty of rules and restrictions those are imposed by regulatory authorities these days and a patent illustrator is supposed to buy those rules.

This article lists some of the handmade drawings of Thomas Alva Edison, one of the pioneers in the field of science and technology. Edison is credited for contributing to various inventions, including the phonograph, the kinetoscope, the dictaphone, the electric lamp (in particular the incandescent light bulb), and the autographic printer.

He also greatly improved the telephone by inventing the carbon microphone. Most of these inventions were not completely original but improvements of earlier inventions. However, one of Edison’s major innovations was the first industrial research and development lab, which was built in Menlo Park and West Orange. drawings of inventions

Throughout the 20th century, Edison was the world’s most prolific inventor. At the beginning of the century, he held 736 U.S. patents. His final count was 1,093 U.S. patents, including 1084 utility patents (patents for inventions) and 9 artistic design patents.

Handmade drawings of inventions of Thomas Alva Edison

Automatic Telegraph- The automatic telegraph was invented by Edison in the year of 1870 and was patented subsequently. The peculiarity of this machine is that it can transmit messages at 60-120 words per minute that are almost three times faster than what hand operators can deliver.

drawings of inventions

Fig 1: Image of Edison’s Automatic Telegraph

Quadruplex Telegraph- the Quadruplex telegraph was invented by Edison while he was working as an employee in the Western Union. With this machine, Edison combined the duplex and diplex versions to send two simultaneous messages in the same direction. drawings of inventions


drawings for inventions

Fig 2: Edison’s Quadruplex Telegraph

Electric Lamp Drawing- The electric lamp was invented by Edison in the year of 1879 by introducing a carbon made wire filament that can tolerate heat.

edisons patent drawing

Fig 3: Edison’s electric bulb

Webermeter-In any system of furnishing to consumers electricity for light, power, or other purposes, it is desirable that means be provided which shall accurately measure the current used. It is also desirable that this measure of current should be automatically indicated and registered in a manner analogous to the registration of gas or water flow. Edison’s this invention, offer to achieve this.


Fig 4: Edison’s weber meter

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