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Why Patent Drawings are accepted in One Country and Rejected in Another?

Why a patent drawing that is accepted in one country is rejected in another? If this is something you are wondering about then this article will be immensely useful. In fact, patent drawing rules are complex and this is why it’s important to know these rules before you submit a drawing to the respective patent office. Things become even more problematic when patent drawing rules change with the changing country. Unfortunately, that is true and hence extra precautions ought to be taken while creating drawings for patents. It needs to be ensured that your drawing is in line with the requirements of the respective patent office. Patent Drawings

For example, a drawing created for USPTO can be submitted either in A4 size paper or letter size paper but for EPO and WIPO, the same should be in A4 size only and not on letter size. In South Korea, only B4 papers are allowed which are much larger than A4 or letter size. Drawings that are submitted in the paper other than B4 will be rejected outright in the Korean peninsula.

Margins that are allowed in USPTO are (top: 2.5cm, left side: 2.5cm, right side: 1.5cm, bottom: 1.5cm) while the same for Canada are (top: 2.0cm, left side: 2.5cm, right side: 2.0cm, bottom: 2.0cm). When it comes to shading in patent drawings, USPTO allows shading in them. But, in China shading is not allowed.

Similarly, USPTO allows the use of dotted lines in patent drawings but in China, dotted lines in patent drawings are not allowed.

These patent drawings are not usually compulsory for the patent application but there’s always a positive impact of the patent drawings on the patent application. Patent drawings explain the patent examiner what the invention is all about, how it functions and how it looks like. Therefore, patent drawings serve the purpose of explaining the invention virtually to the patent examiner.

The different patent offices give protection to the invention in their own countries or regions. These patent offices have their standard guidelines to prepare patent applications and patent drawings. These guidelines are to be followed to make sure that the uniformity is maintained and you are not skipping any chance to get an approval.

They have inherent artistic skills: Patent drawing requires a fair balance of mechanics and artistic skills. While on the one hand we need to ensure that we follow various rules put forth by the respective patent office, at the same time we need to have artistic skills like creativity and imagination. Only if we have an inherent artistic skill we can put client’s imagination on paper. A professional patent draftsperson is the one having an inherent artistic skill.

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The above mentioned are just a few parameters and there are many more variations we can find while filing illustrations for inventions.

Understanding all these patent drawing rules could be overwhelming for those who are new to this domain. It is, therefore, important to seek the help of an expert patent illustrator who has been working in this domain for years. These patent guidelines are to be strictly followed to make perfect patent drawings.

PatSketch for Patent Drawing Services

PatSketch is one of such companies that offer quality patent drawing services at a judicious price to law firms, individual inventors, and corporate legal departments. PatSketch works with an expert team of draftspersons who can provide patent drawings in a wide range of domains including utility, design, medical/surgical, electrical, electronic mechanical, biochemical, biotechnological, etc.

PatSketch has wide experience in drafting sophisticated views like perspective, front, rear, top, bottom, sectional etc. as per the need of the client and jurisdiction requirement by using software like AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Visio, and SolidWorks.

No matter whether you are looking for your drawings in any format like .PDF, .TIFF, .JPEG, or word we are expert in providing patent drawings in all such formats.

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