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How to Prepare Right Patent Application?

A patent application is the description about the unpatented invention, presented at the patent office to get a patent grant. This application includes all the necessary information such as specifications, claims for the invention, all the necessary forms, etc. Tis application is the first impression of the invention and the inventor.

A patent application with complete description has more chances of being successful in comparison to a patent having specifies. Majority of patent attorneys believe that it is extremely indispensable to describe an invention completely, but how would you “fully describe” your invention in your patent application? One of the best ways to completely embrace your patent with each and every minute detail is by providing good and high-quality patent illustrations.

Avoid Being “Too Specific” in your Patent Application

Collecting huge invention information would be on the top of your list. You always want to describe your invention in a broader aspect, but at the same time, you also need to mention specific multiple nuances covering all the aspects of your invention. However, many inventors don’t want their invention to be “too specific” because it provides ways for others to get around their invention or ideas. Your invention is not already patented and by being too specific about your invention might make you lose your invention to somebody else and you can’t infringe till your idea isn’t patented.

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Broad Description is important: How and Why?

What will happen if a patent examiner finds your invention’s broad and general description into the prior art? If your invention does not cover nuances in your patent specification then, you may get rejection which will be very difficult to overcome as those nuances differentiate your invention from the prior art which you know while filing but the prior arts which you don’t know as they have not been published before your filing.

In other words, your invention must be generally specific with a complete description including all the nuances. Also, any version should not be left out. Simply, your invention should include all the mentioned aspects along with various combinations, options, and characteristics in order to present multiple invention versions. The primary objective behind this is presenting more invention details to the examiner as you never know which small detail may convince the examiner to approve your patent for the further process.

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Role of Patent Drawings in a Patent Application

Patent Drawings play a vital role in patent application by interpolating the physical invention into illustration. They help the patent examiner to better understand the invention in a way that only the written text can’t explain. Illustrations are always a good option to explain a complicated part or the whole invention. They can be of great help when it comes to getting approval for the patent. But it is also important to use right amount of patent drawings in the application, using too less will not be of any use as the examiner will still not understand the invention clearly and also using too many will confuse him.

It is very important to keep your application as accurate as possible because even the minor problems can lead to rejection of the application. There are a lot of applications and reviewing each application takes time for the patent examiner, so they don’t neglect the obstacles in the application and directly reject it.

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It takes a lot of time, efforts and cost to apply for the patent again and you don’t want to be caught in such a hectic situation again. So, the role that patent drawings play in the patent application can’t be replaced by anything else. It makes the application more presentable and improves the chances of getting the grant.

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