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The Latest Patent Drawings Cost

Patent illustrations or drawings are a fundamental part of a patent application. Therefore, you should know how much the Patent Drawings Cost. The incorrect patent drawings cost you more for corrections. Moreover, if you don’t know the basics of patent drawings, you may lose patent rights as well. Simply put, patent drawings are multiple views of an invention. These views help the USPTO examiner understand the invention thoroughly. Usually, applicants add as many views as they can in their patent applications. The patent drawings cover every claim which you have mentioned in your application. Moreover, the cost of patent drawings solely depends on an invention. If an invention isn’t complex, it may not cost much. However, if an invention has various functionalities, it may cost much.  

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How to Make Your Patent Drawings Cost You Less?

Patent drawings help in understanding inventions better. Therefore, you need to include various views of your invention in your application. A professional patent illustrator can make your rough sketch into a descriptive patent illustration. No matter how complex your invention is, you can always rely on a good patent illustrator. However, it’s not necessary to hire a patent illustrator. You can create patent drawings on your own. Thus, your patent drawings cost you zero. The following are the methods that may reduce the cost of your patent drawings.

Creating patent drawings by yourself

Some applicants may want to involve in the complete process of patent filing. As a result, they may prefer drawing the views of the invention on their own. It’s not impossible to draw patent illustrations. However, this method isn’t recommended unless you’re good at patent drawings. In case you’re not good at patent drawings, you can learn. Here is a list of some software that you can use to create patent drawings.

  • SmartDraw
  • CorelDraw
  • LibreOffice Draw
  • DraftSight
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • FreeCAD

However, learning to make patent illustrations from scratch is a lengthy process. You may want to hire skilled patent illustrators. Also, it’s recommended by us and the USPTO. A patent illustrator work in compliance with the USPTO guidelines. Moreover, the USPTO takes patent drawing guidelines strictly. If your patent drawing doesn’t follow guidelines, the USPTO may reject your application.

Hiring a professional patent illustrator

Hiring a patent illustrator means that you need to pay for the service. Therefore, do your research before hiring one. There are various patent firms who provide samples of their work beforehand. You can see those samples and decide whether to hire a patent firm or not. However, you can reduce the cost of patent drawings even if you hire someone. Here are some ways to do it.

  • Provide the complete information of your invention beforehand
  • Provide the prototype of your invention (if possible)
  • Hire an illustrator only when all the changes in the invention are completed

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Factors that can increase the cost of patent drawings

There are various factors that influence the cost of patent illustrations. For instance, you want a patent drawing as soon as possible. As a result, you have to pay extra to get the patent drawing fast. However, you can avoid these factors if you have in-depth knowledge of patent drawings. The following are some factors that you should see.

The complexity of patent drawings

This factor plays a major role in deciding the cost of patent drawings. If an invention has several functionalities, a patent illustrator needs to understand all functionalities. Therefore, it may increase the cost of patent drawings since it may take time to understand the invention.

Fast or Express Service

In a hurry to get patent, many applicants wish to use an express service. A patent illustrator may provide you fast service. However, he may charge you extra for this. Therefore, it’s better to get the patent drawings earlier. Otherwise, you need to pay more for fast service.  

Revisions or iterations

In some cases, you’re not satisfied with patent drawings and want to add some more details. As a result, you need to pay more. The illustrator will do all the mentioned changes. Any last-minute changes can make you pay more. Therefore, provide the complete details of the invention to the illustrator.

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What do the Patent Drawings Cost You?

PatSketch works on fixed pricing of $29 per figure for drafting utility patent drawings and $39 per figure for design patent drawings. Our pricing is fixed, irrespective of the complexity of the figures. These prices include multiple revisions and amending the drawings at no cost if an office action is received on the drawings that were prepared by us earlier.    

Drawing Services Offered by PatSketch

PatSketch has been serving clients for more than a decade now. The company is based out of the U.S. and offers its services globally. We, at PatSketch, have an experienced team of patent illustrators. Moreover, we can provide you a satisfactory result within the deadline. Our patent illustrators are experienced in making utility and design patent illustrations. You may check some samples before making an order here – Samples. Also, our services related to patent drawings cost extremely less. You may make an order from here – PatSketch     

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