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What is the Design Patent Drawings Requirement?

Design Patent Drawings are the outer appearance of an article of manufacture. The USPTO has issued guidelines concerning design patent drawings requirement. Also, a design patent protects against the unauthorized usage of the outer appearance of an article of manufacture. However, a design patent doesn’t protect the structure or functionality of an article. The guidelines need to be followed strictly at the time of a design patent filing. The applications of patentees may get rejected, for they fail to follow the guidelines most of the time. In a hurry to get a patent, generally, patentees don’t consider the design patent drawing requirements and submit their applications. Therefore, the examiner at the Office may reject their design patent applications. As a result, the time and effort an applicant puts into getting a design patent become worthless.

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What are the Design Patent Drawings Requirement?

An applicant must know the design patent drawing requirements before filing for a design patent. The USPTO has mentioned the guidelines on its website. If a single requirement is missing from design, it can’t be patented. Therefore, an applicant must have in-depth knowledge of a design patent. The following are the design patent drawing requirements:


The first and foremost requirement of design patent drawing requirements is that a design must be new. Moreover, no one has ever patented or mentioned about the design of which an applicant seeks a patent.


Also, a design should be original and non-obvious according to drawing requirements. In a design patent, originality must be maintained, and design mustn’t be derived from any other source.    


Design serves the purpose of ornamentation of an article of manufacture. As a result, it should be inseparable from an article of manufacture to which it is applied. Moreover, a design cannot exist without an article for which it’s designed.

Article of manufacture

A design without an article of manufacture isn’t acceptable, because it doesn’t serve a purpose. The USPTO guidelines say that a disembodied design isn’t acceptable in a design patent application for an article of manufacture. The design must be embodied in an article of manufacture.

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Design Patent Drawings vs. Utility Patent Drawings

A design patent protects the ornamental or decorative outer appearance of an article. Also, it maintains the aesthetic view of an invention. Moreover, one and important condition for seeking a design patent is that it should be new and original. On the other hand, a utility patent secures the functional characteristics of an invention. Unlike a design patent, a utility patent is complex, and its drawings include many technical aspects of an invention.

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