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Why should you hire a good patent illustrator?

Patent illustrations are the graphical representations which ease the task of describing the invention in the patent application. Patent illustrator helps the patent applicant to create an effective and stunning drawing for their invention. A first-time inventor always asks if he really needs a patent illustrator for his patent application.  It is because he may not be familiar with the patent drawings standards of the USPTO. If one does not follow  patent drawing rules properly, it might lead to rejection of his application at the prosecution stage. Good drawings make better patent and to draft a better patent one needs to hire a  good illustrator.

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Qualities of good patent illustrator:

As we know, not all inventors are good illustrators. That is why most inventors hire illustrators who have got vast years of experience in patent drawings. A good patent illustrator must have a great sense of imagination so that he can properly visualize the product to be drawn. Hence, some of the qualities of an exceptional illustrator are:

  1. Method of implementation:

A good illustrator knows various methods to implement the patent drawings in order to explain the invention easily. He knows when to use computer-aided design and when to draw the invention manually. Moreover, he must have all the latest software to make sure he is well aware of all the tools in the software.

  1. Confidentiality and security of the invention:

One should never overlook the value of security. Ensuring the confidentiality of the idea is essential while disclosing it to some third party. A good illustrator always maintains the secrecy of the invention while making illustrations. Keeping the confidentiality of the invention intact is a sign of a good patent illustrator.

  1. Patent regulatory norms:

This is one of the most important steps while hiring a professional illustrator. An expert illustrator is one who understands the nuances of patent drawings and has a good hold of patent regulatory norms. The illustrator must ensure that the illustrations are as per the USPTO standards thereby minimizing the errors. Therefore, he should also be aware of the common rejections that the applicants face while submitting the application.

  1. Timely Delivery by the Patent Illustrator:

Making the illustration look accurate and descriptive in a short span of time is an art. A patent illustrator should be able to meet the time deadlines of the clients without compromising on the quality of work. Therefore, this ensures client satisfaction and increases the market value of the illustrator which is a good sign.

  1. Technical Understanding of Patent Illustrator:

A properly written specification of the invention is very important to avoid unnecessary troubles at the examination stage. Hence, it is important for a professional illustrator to understand the principles of the invention and portray it in a descriptive manner. A good illustrator makes it easy for the examiner to understand the technicality of the invention by a simple and precise illustration.

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Other characteristics of a quality patent illustrator:

  • An experienced patent illustrator knows how many numbers of drawings a patent application requires.
  • A quality illustrator makes sure to cover all the aspects of the invention in a broad way through illustration. He also keeps in mind to display all the different ways in which his client’s invention can be of use in the future.
  • A skilled illustrator always has the ability to analyze even minute details of the invention. This helps to minimize the number of errors in the illustration.
  • He is able to provide the embodiments and technicalities of the invention along with the holistic view of the invention.

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