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Invention Drawings: Why do you Need Them?

invention drawings

Meaning of Invention Drawings

Invention drawings are designed to illustrate the inventions of an inventor. These drawings are prepared for patent application to illustrate the invention in the form of pictures. We draft patent application when the inventor is ready with the invention. Although, it is not compulsory to add invention drawings in patent application but it adds greater value to the patent application.

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Advantages of invention drawings

Invention drawings come up with a lot of advantages. Further, you can find some of them stated below.

Clear Description of the Invention

Invention drawings clear the main aim of the invention. They justify that the invention is novel and clearly illustrates the invention in an easy way which helps the examiner to take a glimpse of the invention virtually. They are a 2D reflection of the 3D inventions and somehow explain the invention in a trouble-free manner.

Rejection-proof Patent Application

Patent drawings help the patent application to be rejection-proof. Patent drawings cover a lot of things that the patent application may miss through just words. They make the patent application more presentable and understandable to the examiner. Thus, making patent drawings rejection-proof up to some extent.

Illustration for Designs

Presenting design invention would not be possible without invention drawings. Drawings can very easily illustrate the design inventions and the examiner can easily understand it.

Clarification of Claims

The inventor should get the full claim of the invention and it is only possible if we have proper clarification about what we are claiming. Patent drawings precisely explain the claims for the invention and help to get full coverage of claims.

Avoid Infringement

Invention drawings help to avoid infringement. In case someone may seem to infringe on you, you can easily negotiate damages through patent drawings and can avoid getting into big-fat troubles. So, you can clinch the decision in your favor and clarify the claims easily.

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Now, as we have seen that there are a lot of advantages of invention drawings. So, we definitely should not draft our patent application without them. Although you can prepare the drawings all by yourself but keeping in mind the complexity of the patent drawings, you must hire professionals for the purpose.

Common rules and guidelines for invention drawings

There are various rules and regulations by the patent offices for preparing invention drawings. Some of the common rules and regulations are:

  • Prepare Invention drawings in black and white color. Further, you must not add any other color to the drawings.
  • The size of the sheet should be A4 or US letter size.
  • Avoid using symbols.
  • Proper numbering or labeling should be done.

So, these are certain basic rules of the patent drawings which are important for maintaining the uniformity among all invention drawings.

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Hire a professional or do it yourself

Hence, one must fulfill these requirements while preparing patent drawings. Thus, you can either hire a professional illustrator or draw by yourself. Although detailed knowledge about everything can help you be in the race but failing to fulfill them can lead to rejection. So, rather hire professional services of experts in the field who can help you make the rejection proof invention drawings and can represent your invention in all aspects.

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So, you should hire professional services that provide expertise in the field to get the best results. PatSketch provides invention drawing services with the help of its professionals who have expertise in the field. We also provide this service at the advantage of cost, as we provide low-cost services or we match the lowest price. We also go for any number of iterations just to match the needs of the clients as customer satisfaction is our priority. All these advantages without the issue of time delay is usually rare.

So, you can contact us whenever you require the services. To avail our services visit our service page.

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