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Top Reasons to buy Accurate Professional Patent Illustration Services

Top Reasons to buy Accurate & Professional Patent Illustration Services

You need to ensure that your patent drawings to strike the hammer on the nail while describing your invention. Hence, it is wise to seek illustration services to achieve this target. A drawing is less time consuming and easier to understand in contrast to going through long paragraphs of descriptions. Basically, patent drawings are an[…]

Patent Illustration: Key Tips to Remember

A patent illustration is the visual embodiment of a patent description in patent applications. Their purpose is to elucidate the invention clearly. The illustrations may include diagrams, flow charts, chemical equations, standard views, reference numbers and photographs (only in special cases) of the invention. Every jurisdiction has a set of rules which you need to adhere[…]

Patent Drawings Rules

Patent Drawings Rules: Part III

To explain the invention, it is must to present drawings along with patent application in front of the USPTO. The drawings must follow the guidelines for patent drawing rules set forth by the USPTO to get the success. The drawings do not have to deal with the art, but ought to describe and demonstrate your invention[…]

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