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Patent Drawing: Elucidating the Purpose

Irrespective of the fact whether you are intending to file a utility patent or a design patent, a patent drawing can improve the likelihood of patent approval. Though, it is not mandatory as per the statutory rules still it can be of great value down the lines. In the domain of patent filing if a drawing is accompanying a utility patent it is known as utility patent drawing. Likewise, if a drawing is meant for a design patent application, it is called as design patent drawing.

This article is aimed at underlining the importance of including a patent drawing:

Visual representation is more effective than textual representation- As we know “A Picture Speaks Thousand Words” and thus can add a lot to the understanding of the idea you are intending to protect. Apart from this, it is better to present a complex design in pictures rather than describing it in hundreds and thousands of words.

Makes the idea easy to be comprehended- Let’s consider you have a design of a mobile phone that has more than hundred parts. Each part is attached with its adjoining part in a different manner and thus it will be somewhat difficult for examiners to comprehend the whole design if you have described those functionalities in words only. It would have been better if the design was conveyed in pictures, diagrams,and images. It helps examiners understand the whole functionality without having to put much stress on their eyebrows.

Enables the patent attorney to describe how to make the invention step by step- One of the basic requirements for a patent to be granted is that a man of common intelligence can reduce it into practice. A patent drawing (utility patent drawing or design patent drawing) helps the inventor describe how to make the invention step by step.

It is always better to be safe than sorry- When you are dealing with patents that cost hundreds and thousands of dollars it is better to play safe. A patent drawing helps applicants play the game safely because if you accidentally leave something out of the written disclosure, the accompanied patent drawing may save you in the long run.

Helps grab the attention of the prospective licensee- Patent drawings contain reference numerals those are used by the patent attorneys for detailed description. These reference numerals are used for drawing the attention of the prospective licensee and allowing him to easily envision the final product when it will be launched and sold to the end user.

Helps make points while litigating with infringers-  The arena of invention and patent is full of infringements and litigations, so you may not know what and how a party will bring in litigations for your intended invention. The best way to avoid such instances by playing safe and if your invention is accompanied by a drawing you can put your points firmly as a patent drawing is there to support your point.

Simply stating, there are plenty of reasons for a patent drawing to be included in an invention. And though it is not mandatory it is important to include so that you always remain in the safe end.

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