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All you need to know on Design Patent Drawings

Design Patent Drawings are the thorough illustration of the Invention’s design. They include all the information of the Invention in terms of physical properties like shape, material texture, outlines, proportions etc. Design Patent drawings must be very clear in describing every feature and part of the Invention. Shading can be used for better illustration of surface properties.  They help to clarify all the transparent, translucent and opaque areas.  Views from every side must be added for better understanding.

Essential requirements for Design Patent Drawings

Creating a design Patent drawing should include a few essential points. The drawing must contain all possible views. Photographs can also work but in only critical cases. Shading plays a major role too.


The important parts such as top view, bottom view, left view, right view and mirror image are necessary. The Perspective views of the design of the product must be available.

A 3D view of the object/invention serves best for the illustration of the Invention. One also needs to provide sectional views for better understanding of the functional features of the Invention.

The Exploded view helps to provide detailed information about the working of every single part. The position of every part must be clear in the Invention even when drawing the exploded view.


The basic elements for preparing a Design Patent drawing are Dots and Lines. The Patentee can apply shadings too as it adds more detailing to the surface properties. There are basically two kinds of shading accepted.

  • Linear shading

Linear shading is done with parallel lines, either continuous or dash lines. They represent a shiny surface, polished sheet or different texture.

  • Stippled shading

Stippled shading contains dots that mostly represent a rough surface or fabric. They can also be used to create outlines and shadows.

Shading of surface provides a more realistic image. The breaking of line can also be used to limit the Drawing’s size.

Importance of Design Patent Drawings

Design Patent drawings are very crucial part of a Patent application process. The application owns very less wordings and most of the work is done through Design Patent drawings that illustrate the Invention in the best possible way.

The Inventor must include all the possible views of the Invention in the drawings to help the invention features and mechanism get clarity. It makes the work easy for the Patent examiners to be able to understand the Invention clearly. Thus, the chances of getting the Patent application accepted increases.

For instance, an Electronic pen in the patent application will be described as:


An Electronic Pen has a body, a cap and an actuation device. The actuation device comprises a sensor arrangement for sensing presence or absence of the cap on the body. The actuation device is operable to activate the electronic pen in response to removal of the cap from the body or in response to placement of the cap on a portion separated from a front end portion of the body.”

You might not be able to figure out the physical appearance of the pen just by reading the description. That is why we need the design Patent drawings to effectively visualize the Invention.

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