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The Importance of Patent Drawing Examples

Patent drawing examples are also the illustrations of the invention. An Inventor studies of uses them to make the invention more understandable and illustrative.

They help to make your application more robust, detailed, captivating, and comprehensible.  Also, studying the patent drawing examples multiplies the chances of acceptance for your patent application. Thus, the your invention has a greater chance to receive a patent.

At least one and then as many necessary, Patent drawing examples are important to include in your patent applications if they help in a better explanation of your invention or its working mechanism.

However, if your inventions are related to a chemical compound or they are a process/ procedure then, in these instances, patent drawings may not be required.

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Samples of Patent Drawing Examples

Find below some examples of patent drawings, granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for you to understand ‘patent drawing examples’ better and clearly. They are:


  Figure 1 shows a Patent Drawing Example of ‘Water Packet’

Patent Drawing Rules

The USPTO has set some rules for the making of patent drawings so that they are easy to understand by your application (or rather your invention) examiner. Some of them are:

  • Black ink on white paper.
  • Size of papers on which patent drawing examples are drawn should have fixed margins i.e., either 21cm*29.7cm or 21.6cm*27.9cm.
  • As many as necessary views of drawings can be used to explain it.
  • Shading is allowed in some cases.
  • Coloured drawings should only be used when required and a petition should be filed before their use. 
  • Each paper and figure should be numbered, in Arabic numerals, sequentially and properly.

Additionally, using views ( like exploding view, sectional views, perspective views, and the standard six views-top, bottom, up, down, left& right) of the drawings are suggested and are helpful. 

Read about the rules in detail, here.

How do Patent Drawing Examples help?

Patent drawing examples can prove to be an asset to you because as mentioned earlier they make your patent application appealing, detailed, and easy to accept.

Also, they help you find your contenders in the field. With little efforts and hunting, you can find similar ideas (as yours). These ideas can help you draw illustrations that are on par with those of your contenders.   The more patent drawing examples you go through, the more it will help you to make your illustration easy and comprehensible.

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Make your drawing or hire a draftsman

You can make patent illustrations of your invention on your own using pen-and-paper or using patent drawings software like Computer-Aided Design (CAD). Making drawings on your own helps you because you (as an inventor) are aware of each detail of invention to be illustrated.

But, if you lack interest, skill, and time of doing so then you can hire a draftsperson to make your patent illustrations for you. A draftsman, having all the skills and knowledge, will help you by tracing the replica of your ideas on paper.

Looking for a draftsman?

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It stays updated both about using the latest software, every output format that exists, and the rules/guidelines of all major patent offices all around the world.

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