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The Top 6 Most Unusual Drawings for Patents

It seems that nowadays USPTO allows a fair bit of artistic freedom in the form of unusual drawings. The history of patenting is full of these unusual drawings from various exciting and bizarre patents. Also, they give a clear indication of how creative a human being can be. There are instances when people come up with all sorts of ideas, which may include invention too. Naturally, these inventions involve some different patent illustrations which depict the invention. Moreover, even big tech companies have been getting away with some odd-looking artwork that has been rewarded with patents. This article will look at some of such unusual patents and their respective drawings. 

Insight on some unusual drawings:

There have been some unusual but interesting drawings to get a patent grant in the past. They will surely compel you to think for a while. So if you come across a weird, yet innovative idea doesn’t brush it off. Entities in the past prove success in getting patents with the help of such unusual drawings.

1. Animal ear protector:

Figure 1

Patent No. US4233942A

This invention provides a device for protecting the ears of animals from becoming dirty while the animal is eating. The device provides a generally tubular shaped member for containing and protecting each ear of the animal. The ear protector and animal’s ears are held away from the head of the animal by two straps.

2. Paddle wheel rotorcraft:

Figure 2

Patent No. US5265827A

This invention relates to the vertical take-off and landing capabilities of the aircraft. Also, such aircraft derives aerodynamic lift from opposed rotatable paddle wheel assemblies of airfoil-shaped blades in place of wings and propellers. They have the first and second laterally extending paddle wheels rotatable on a central axis. They are generally perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the aircraft.

3. Pillow with retractable umbrella:

Figure 3

Patent No. US6711769B1

This invention consists of a pillow with a retractable umbrella, comprising an assembly with first and second ends. Also, the first and second ends have a channel extending there between. The supporting assembly has a rotating means adjacent to the third end. Moreover, the use of this invention is to protect the user from the sun. One can store this invention as it is easy to carry in an open position. One can lay his head on the pillow while covering the face from sunlight.

4. Animal Toy:

Figure 4

Patent No. US6360693B1

It is one of the most unusual inventions containing unusual drawings. Animals, in particular dogs, have a habit of chewing and they make inappropriate selections as to what they will chew. It is an object that an animal may carry in its mouth. Also, the invention describes a stick like an animal toy. It is an apparatus for use as a toy by an animal to fetch, carry or chew. Moreover, the formation of the toy can be of any material including rubber, plastic or wood including wood composites and is solid. It is either rigid or flexible. One can add flavouring scent to it if one wants to.

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5. Light Bulb Changer:

Figure 5

Patent No. US6826983B1

A light bulb changer method contains components that allow for instantly detecting a burned-out light. Also, it automatically removes the burned-out light and replaces it with a replacement bulb. The changer operates without human intervention and one can assemble it from a kit having replacement hardware. One can also use a changer as a retrofit for other light fixtures such as a table lamp.

6. Motorized Ice Cream Cone:

Figure 6

Patent No. US5971829A

Motorized ice cream cone is the invention for supporting, rotating and sculpting a portion of ice cream while one consumes it. It continuously moves the ice cream portion while one’s tongue is held in a relatively stationary position. Also, it contains a rotating cup on a handheld housing which has an electric motor, driving mechanism, and energy source. All these forms into a device for spinning a portion of ice cream or other malleable food.

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