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Things you need to Know about Patentability Search

Patents play a very important role in protecting your invention and they should be good enough to give the required protection. Having a well-researched patent will not only give you the right protection but also the knowledge to keep growing and earning through it. There are several patent searches like patentability search, FTO Search, etc. that are conducted for different purposes to make sure that the invention is good to go.

Patent plays a key role in making your invention a success by keeping it in the hands of the inventor who can use it the way he wants and also can take legal actions against anyone who tries to copy or use the invention without his permission. But getting a patent involves conducting relatable searches before going ahead with the patent application at the patent office.

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Meaning of patent search

A patent search is a search conducted for the existing patents, searching through them to make sure that your invention is not similar to any other invention, is non-obvious, and is useful to mankind. These searches save the cost if your invention is not patentable you get to know about it beforehand and stop from going on to the further process. All relevant issued patents and published patent applications are searched through in order to make sure that your invention is patentable.

The searches are to be conducted before and after preparing the patent application. We will discuss about patentability search in detail in the further article.

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Patentability Search

A patentability search is conducted to search through the existing inventions and make sure that your idea is novel and non-obvious. There is no similar invention that already exists as you don’t want to be caught in unnecessary legal trouble of infringing on someone. It is also known as novelty search. This search is conducted before filing for the patent application. This search is important as it prevents you from spending unnecessarily on the patent application which will be rejected due to the availability of existing similar inventions.

If you have the knowledge of existing prior-arts then you can also understand and improve your invention in a way that it becomes novel. So, you have the advantage of not only saving money but also using the knowledge to improve your product to make it innovative and unique. After the search, if the results are favorable then you can go ahead with preparing the patent application and get benefits from the search.

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Benefits of Patentability Search

Patentability search offers a lot of benefits which is the reason why you can’t ignore this search and include them in the process of getting a patent.

  1. Improves your patent application: It improves your patent application by giving you more information about different inventions and widening the scope of your claim. You can make the required changes in the invention or the claims as per the search conducted and increase the chances of getting better patent claims.
  2. Calculate your invention: It becomes easier to calculate your invention’s value, you get a fair idea of different inventions already existing and you can calculate how much valuable your invention and patent are going to be. You can take competitive advantage by being aware of the competitor’s invention and patent. You can improvise your invention and monetize them for getting more out of it.  
  3. Improve your patent: You can always add more to the patent application and get a better patent for your invention. This patent can help you claim better, wider, longer, and can give you more advantages.


So, the advantages that patentability search holds will make you choose the best service and conduct the search for invention. All the money spent on the search will be worth it and give you enough advantages in return.

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