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Patent Services: Need in Patent Application

patent services
Patent Services

Patent plays a key role in making your invention a success by giving it a unique identity. They are very important to keep the ownership with you and it is quite a process to get the patent. The area of protection is decided by you and the application submitted by you in various patent offices. To come to a position of getting the patent grant, you have to get patent services as going a lot of things involved in the patent requires great zeal and time.

Hiring professionals for your patent services is a wiser choice that will give you expertise in the area so that you can claim a patent easily. The patents need to be protected as well to be long-term, reward-giving, and beneficial to you in all ways.

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Patent Services for Patent Applications

While going to the patent office for a patent, you can go for two types of patents:

Provisional Patent Application: Provisional patent application is prepared and submitted at the patent office in the initial stage may be when the invention is not fully prepared. It helps to get your invention listed at the patent office and reserve a slot for you at the patent office. It is a short document containing 5-10 pages explaining the idea of your invention. The cost of the provisional application will depend on the size of your business. It can also be submitted by an individual, which will cost him around $65. You always have the option to file a provisional application and that can be done by hiring professional services. Although, it reduces the validity of your patent as the validity is calculated from the date of the first filing date in the case of a utility patent. A provisional application is not examined by the patent examiner.

Non-provisional Patent application: After you are done with your invention, doing all the searches, and working on your invention, you can go with the final application. A non-provisional application requires all your possible efforts so that it doesn’t miss any part which might lead to office action or rejection of the patent application. It is important to hire patent services to get the best of your patent application as it will require expertise. The patent acceptance or rejection will be decided based on the contents that you have mentioned in the patent application. It will cost you around $5000 but it is important to note that the patent attorney gives in 80% of the efforts to prepare a patent application.

So, you would require the patent services to prepare any type of patent application as there is a set of guidelines and rules to be followed by the inventor for preparing the application and it’s not possible for a person to have wide knowledge in every field. It is also very important to make a precise application that is error-free.

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Patent services for office action

Even after a lot of your efforts, there may be chances of getting an office action where you will have to revise the patent application and will have to work on it again. The patent examiner will thoroughly check your patent application and he may find objections then he will send a document for an office action. The applicant will have to work on the objectionable points again and present them to the patent examiner. The patent attorney will be able to give him the best advice and help to work on office action in the best possible way.

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It is very important to put all your efforts into making the patent application so that you can get the best out of it at once. To get a perfect patent application and do various other tasks involved in getting the patent, it is important to hire professional patent services. The cost spent on the professional services will always be worth it and you will be able to make up for it with the patent grant.

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