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Benefits of Patentability Search

Applying for a patent at the patent office involves a lot of investment of time and money. Preparing a patent application is a long and tiring process. Only after you are sure that your invention is patentable and no prior-art exists, you can proceed to prepare the patent application. To check that your invention is patentable, you must do a patentability search.

A patentability search is a search that is done to check the existing inventions and making sure that your invention is unique, and the existing inventions are not similar to your invention. Patentability search doesn’t make sure that your invention is infringement-free, it is essential to conduct various searches like Freedom-to-operate search (FTO). To make sure that your invention is patentable, your invention should be new, novel, non-obvious, and useful.

Patentability search offers various advantages which will help in the easy patentability of your invention and take your business to the heights with better patent. Let’s look at some of them below:

Patentability Search saves cost and time

A patentability search is conducted to ensure that your invention is unique and in case the result of the search is not favorable, you can save a lot of cost and time in preparing utility provisional application. Preparing a utility patent application is a time-consuming and expensive process thus, you would not want to waste your efforts in managing the expense and time just to face rejection later on. So, it is better to conduct a patentability search before filing the patent application.

It would cost you way less to conduct a patent search than to do the whole patent application process. It should be done while developing your invention so as to save your efforts.

Patentability search improves the patent application

Patentability search imparts knowledge when you read about a lot of inventions. It can help you to strategize and improve your invention with the help of newly gained knowledge. You can focus on your invention and make it more presentable for the patent examiner.  Exploring different patents will help you to draft a better patent application with more relevant details that you otherwise might miss. You can cover the points in your application that will help you to get a more protected patent as chances of infringement at a later stage are reduced.

You can also infringe any patent that you think is not right and you can replace it with your patent in the future.

Check on Competition

You can easily check on who all have same idea and are working on the same invention. It helps you to keep a check on your competitor’s invention and strategies thus making it useful for the inventor to keep a check on what things to do that will take them above their competitor. This will lead to the growth of the business thus taking advantage of the investment done for acquiring the patent. 


Thus, patentability search serves the purpose of acquiring a useful patent that will lead to the growth of the business by fully informing the patentee about what inventions are already there and what can be best to patent in the next round. It improves the quality of your patent application that will oppose the patent examiner from making an office action and easily giving the patent grant.

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