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Qualities of a Good Patent Drawings Company

Patent drawing companies are those companies that help patent seekers create
an effective and stunning drawings for their ideas and/or inventions. These
days, there are plenty of companies that offer patent illustration services to
their clients, however, not all are at par with the required standards. And
hence, it’s important for companies to ensure right at the beginning, that they
are partnering with a good patent drawings company, a company that can do
justice with their invested money, time and resources.

With the passage of time and advancement of technologies, patent drawing
processes have also gone under major changes, and thus it’s important for
relevant stakeholders to adapt accordingly. With this article, we have come up
with some facts that will underline qualities a client should seek while hiring
a patent drawings company.

How to judge a patent drawings company

Judge the level of Competency

Creating drawings for patents is not like any typical drawing, as a lot goes on creating them, and
hence it’s important to judge the competency of a patent drawing company before hiring
them. Creating an effective patent illustration requires adequate
knowledge of the patent regulatory norms, a fair understanding of the
domain to which the product belongs, and prolonged experience in computer-aided
designing software (in case you don’t want manual patent drawing).

Before you hire a patent illustration company it’s important to ensure that
the patent drawing service provider possesses experience in these above three
mentioned dimensions.

Understand what technicalities they will add in the drawing

Since in the arena of patent drawing, we deal with patent examiners and patent
offices like USPTO, it’s important to
understand what technicalities your service provider will add to the drawing
that will appease them. For example, what are the various views of the drawing
the service provider will use? Whether they will use various possible views
like perspective, exploded perspective, cross-section, isolated, elevation, and
plan views, and if yes then why is it suitable for the idea in question.
Whether they are equipped enough to create relevant screen captures, charts,
flow diagrams, biotech, DNA sequencing, and micrographs for a drawing. Will
they be able to create drawings for complex industrial design as well as soft goods

Competitiveness of the service provider

Competitiveness is another criterion that should be looked at while going for a patent
illustrator. Since there are many companies that charge their clients that
are not at par with the standard industry norms, it is important to make it
clear right at the beginning.

What method will they implement to create a patent drawing- Patent drawings can be made either manually or by CAD (Computer Aided Designing) methods. Depending on the need of the client the
requirement may vary and hence it is important to understand right at the beginning that the service provider has the ability to create patent drawings through both of these methods and it well-equipped to create drawings that match with your expectations.


Ensuring the confidentiality of your idea is important while disclosing it to some third party. It’s important for clients to ensure right at the beginning that the confidentiality of the matter remains intact. Patent matters are critical before they can be granted to the inventor. It is important to keep them protected and safe during the patent process.

Timely delivery of your patent drawing

It’s important for clients to present their idea to the respective patent office at the
appropriate time failing which can compromise your business objective, and here
comes the importance of timely delivery of patent drawings. And thus, it’s
important for service seekers to establish right at the beginning that their
drawing will be delivered timely.

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