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Patent Drawings: What’s the Need?

One of the most obvious questions that appear in the inventor’s mind is whether they should include drawings for invention in their patent application? Whether it is mandatory or are simply adding a financial burden to their application? The answer can’t be said in ‘Yes’ or ‘no’. This is because; the answer lies somewhere in the middle and inventors are free to go either ways.

After December 18, 2013, the USPTO rules have changed and it has now become possible for inventors to obtain a filing date on a non-provisional patent application without a drawing being present at the time of filing. So, technically, patent drawings are not required or we can say that patent drawings are not mandatory after this ruling. Nevertheless, a professional patent attorney will ask you to include (at least one view) that could help examiners understand the invention without putting extra effort. Thus, the take away message is that we should and must include at least one patent illustration that can describe the technicalities associated with the invention.

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Important Reasons to add Patent Drawings in Application

But, there must be some benefits that will underline the reasons for a patent drawing being included in a patent application. Though, there are many reasons we have come up with those which are most important.

A picture speaks more than a thousand words

You must have heard this adage many times before and it is true for sure. A picture can speak more than a thousand words. A picture improves the comprehensiveness and subsequently can help persuade examiners about the invention. With patent drawings, we can help examiners understand the underlying invention without putting much stress on their eyeballs.

A drawing can broaden the scope of your application

One of the important components of an application is to convey its scope with exact accuracy. Though we are not saying that you can’t achieve the accuracy with words or texts, but it becomes very complex, lengthy and wordy. In such a situation a picture can help inventors define the scope of the application. So, the takeaway remark is that multiple, detailed and professional drawings can broaden the scope of an application.

Patent Drawings are Complementary to provided text

While presenting an invention in hundreds and thousands of words, chances are that you miss something which is of utmost importance to the invention. In such a situation a drawing provided by the applicant can help them assert that specific claim which we could have otherwise lost. Even if you do not completely understand every word of your patent’s text you can rest easier if patent drawings are there to complement them.

Patent Drawings are very useful during court proceedings

Texts can be misinterpreted and its dual interpretation has become evident in many court litigations that created havoc for a patent holder. In such cases, patent drawings can be handy and of great use to let the court understand what you really wanted to convey through these texts.

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So, one thing that is very clear is that though patent illustrations are not mandatory, they are of immense importance. They are great when it comes to convincing someone about the technicalities and functionalities of a particular invention. When it comes to creating illustrations for patents, there are two choices that an applicant can have. Either they can create themselves or they can hire a professional draftsperson. If you are a newbie then the best way would be to hire a professional draftsperson that can create drawings keeping in mind the rules of the patent office and at the same time can put some aesthetics.

PatSketch for Professional Services

When in doubt of hiring a professional draftsperson for patent drawing services, contact PatSketch for the best services. We provide lowest cost or we match it and provide any number of iterations at no extra cost. We understand your intention of hiring the best for your patent application and we are here to help you with all. Disappointing is not our cup of tea and for your reference you can also check out our samples.

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