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Patent Drawings and Their Importance

Figure 1: Patent Drawing

We often come across various posters and pictures which carry meanings in them and we find them attractive. But if we have to read something and understand it, it takes a lot more energy and efforts. That’s why most of the time, a poster is created for delivering a message in an understandable form. Patent drawings serve this purpose in a patent application. Explaining your point to anyone is easier and more apt through drawings and illustrations than explaining it through text. Similarly, one has to acquire a patent for the new invention. As it is a new thing for everyone, it’ll be easier to explain it with the help of drawings. So, patent drawings are important to increase the scope of getting a patent issued. Patent drawings explain an invention in a more elaborate and manifest form. It reduces the frustration of the patent officer and makes a good impression.

Meaning of Patent Drawing

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) defines a design as something that “consists of the visual ornamental characteristics embodied in or applied to an article of manufacture”.

Patent Drawings are the illustrations of the invention in the  form of drawings which help to explain the invention easily to anyone. They are the visual form of patent description or invention which aid in understanding the invention clearly. You can represent Patent Drawings in the form of flow charts, steps through different pictures, chemical equations and so on.

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Types of Patent Drawings

  • Utility Patent Drawings: These drawings describe the utility patents which have more complex designs and attributes. These drawings protect the structural and functional aspects of the invention.
  • Design Patent Drawings: These drawings describe the unique exterior look of the invention. Design Patent Drawings are so important because they are for the newly invented designs and appearances. You can’t express designs in the text clearly.
  • Plant Patent Drawings: These are for the depiction of any new variety of plants. It can be either an asexually or newly discovered plant other than a tuber propagated plant or a plant found in an uncultivated state.

Is it compulsory to add Patent Drawings in Patent Application?

It is not compulsory for the inventors to add patent drawings to their application. But it’s always good to attach some because they have many advantages. Patent drawings can help make applications more acceptable, robust, detailed, comprehensible and captivating. An applicant either creates patent illustrations himself or with the help of a professional. The need of professional assistance arises because there are some guidelines of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)  for creating patent drawings. Many obligations need to be fulfilled for designing patent drawings such as type of paper, size of the paper, margin standard, symbols, arrows, numbers, etc. The problem arising in any of these can lead to the rejection of the patent application. Nobody wants to invest so much money again on the whole procedure. You have to approach the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) If you want to file an international patent application in multiple provinces’ rules. You also have to follow their set of guidelines.

A single patent drawing can save as much as 1,000 words. There are higher chances for the approval of the patent application in one go only when the patent officer understands the invention easily. It saves both, time and money, for the inventor. It is really helpful to add more and more patent drawings to explain someone in an easy manner. Each patent drawing provides an outline for the patent application. They give an idea of invention like what it is, what it does, how it looks like, how it works, special features, etc. It is much easy to look at a picture and imagine it in reality rather than reading a description of the text and visualizing it part by part. Thus, it gives a clear look at the invention to the patent examiners.

But it is common to hear that “inventors don’t want to describe things specifically because they don’t want to be locked in and want very broad protection”. This thinking can sometimes get you into more trouble, as explaining only broad and general aspects is usually not error-free. The chances of the application getting rejected are more without the patent illustrations. The patent drawings are cheaper than everything else that is required in the patent application process.

Design Patent Application should have patent drawings created by the professional draftsmen because they should represent everything about the invention which doesn’t arise the need for the text-based application. ‘A picture may be worth a thousand words can be a cliché but is a true saying. Patent drawings can be a savior for the new applicants. The new applicants might accidentally miss something in writing but they can easily save their application form rejection if they have invested in professionals for preparing detailed and pertinent patent drawings. Investing one time on patent application by giving it a professional touch is wiser than leaving any loopholes and leaving with a rejected application, wasting all the efforts done.

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