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Importance of Patent and Patent Search

Patents play a very important role in making the invention a success. It gives a unique identity to the invention and gives all the ownership rights to the inventor. Patenting the invention gives you the right to sell, hold, lease, invest, and all the other options to your invention. Patent registration is a long process and is done when your invention is novel and no prior art already exists. You need to have proper knowledge about the inventions that are similar to your invention and for that, you have to do the patent search.

Advantages of Patenting Your Invention

There are many advantages of patenting your invention and we will discuss them in the further article:

Ownership rights: Patenting your invention makes you the sole owner of your invention for a specific period of time and you can use the invention as you want. No one can use your invention without your permission when it is in your name.

Monetization of patent: If you correctly use the invention then it can get you good fortune. It can be used as an investment by licensing, brokerage or selling, etc. Patent monetization can benefit the inventor by incurring additional funds for the business to expand its patent portfolio or use the funds in other related fields to produce more and grow more.

Competition at bay: Patents can help you to keep competitors at bay as it doesn’t allow anyone to create invention similar to yours. You get the time to create similar inventions and thus expand your invention.

Legal Action: You can easily take legal action against anyone infringing your invention and get your patent rights executed.

Credibility: Patents give the credibility for the invention to the inventor and their business. It can also help to build goodwill for your business which ultimately leads to the growth of your business.

These advantages are great for the growth of your business.

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Patent search and its types

To get the patent grant, you have to apply for the patent at a patent office and get the grant of your patent. But before going to the patent office, it’s important to do the search yourself.

Prior-art search is conducted before filing for the patent to check that there is no similar invention that already exists. Only the invention that has no similar invention can be filed at the patent office.

Novelty Searches are conducted to check the uniqueness of the invention. This search is very common and is conducted to check whether the invention is patentable or not. Only the invention which is novel can be turned to the patent office for patenting. All elements of the invention should be closely observed and cross-checked with the database from USPTO, Google Patent Search, etc.

Freedom-to-operate Search is conductedafter filing for the patent to check whetherthe invention can be commercialized and there won’t be any other inventor standing up for infringing your invention. This search largely focuses on the claim side of the invention rather than the information disclosure side.

Validity Search is conducted to prove that the patent that you hold is fully functional and is valid in all terms and you can disclose your patent to the infringer who is trying to infringe your invention. This search can also be conducted before getting a patent on a license to check the strengths of the patent and how much benefit it can give to you.

So, these searches play a very important role in making to patent a success and getting the most out of it. Acquiring a patent for the invention is a time-consuming task and often involves a lot of cost and effort, so getting the best of it should be the only goal of the inventor.

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All this can be done when the application can be presented to the inventor in the best possible way. The patent drawings can be a good way to make the application that can explain to the patent examiner about the invention and get you a grant for the patent.

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Making an application that is attractive to the examiner and can be a win-win only when you have conducted all the searches effectively and created the application with proper detailing. Making things clear on your end in all possible ways can get you a patent grant and a patent that is powerful, this will benefit your business in a lot of ways.

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