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Types of Utility Patent Illustrations in a Patent

Utility patent illustrations are used with utility patent application to let examiners have a clear understanding about our invention. Not only it helps examiners, understand the invention but can also be of immense use in case of infringement and prosecution.

Patent illustrations or patent drawings are one of the most important elements of a patent application. Patent drawings help to provide a visual form to the description of the invention covered in a patent application.

Though, utility patent drawings are not mandatory, still, they are preferably included to aid in understanding the invention clearly. It helps the patent examiners understand your invention readily and are of immense importance in reducing the time taken in granting an approval.

A well-crafted utility patent drawing could pay off your investment if done correctly and clearly. It can be the basis to expand your good idea to its full application. Even if, the patent examiner does not completely understand every word of your patent’s text you can rest in peace because the drawing is there to take care of the understanding.

Types of Utility Patent Illustrations

A utility patent drawing can be of following different types:

Mechanical drawings: Mechanical drawings are one of the most common forms of patent drawings. As opposed to sketches that are made by hand, these mechanical drawings are made by specialized tools that are then put to PTO formats using engineering drawing softwares like AutoCAD, TurboCAD, SolidWorks, CorelDraw Suite, Visio etc. .

Sketches: Sketches can also be submitted as patent drawings. Sketches are usually free hand drawings that are widely used by inventors and patent attorneys in their provisional applications.

Flowcharts: Any method patent or a computer program patent requires a flowchart. The flowchart is a graphic that represents various steps in the program or the process.

Block diagrams: With the possible exception of mechanical drawings, block diagrams make up the most common drawing included in the patent disclosure. Block diagrams include different types of blocks representing various elements and their interconnection with each other.

Electric circuits: A circuit diagram is a visual display of an electrical circuit, using either basic images of parts or industry standard symbols. These electric circuit diagrams are used to give a visual representation of an electrical circuit to describe a path completely.

Graphs & charts: A patent drawing can also be either a graph or a chart that can represent a patent application in a much more elaborate and comprehensive way.


All we can say that when you apply for a patent, you have to include patent drawings. The drawings are the first draft of the application and the first thing done after your patent search that can really tell the story of your patent. Regardless of the fact whether you want a utility patent, design patent, a patent illustration or a patent drawing can help you portray your invention in a much more effective and convincing way.

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