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Thomas Edison Drawing of 3 Life-Changing Inventions

Patent drawings play an important role by giving a visual representation and a quick understanding of the invention. Here we will discuss Thomas Edison drawing and inventions of the 20th century. It aids the patent examiner in the smooth prosecution of the application description and specifications. Also, it largely helps people understand the invention at the time of publishing.

Patents under the name of Thomas Alva Edison:

One of the most renowned scientists of all time Thomas Alva Edison has a number of patents (both national and international) under his name. In the span of 84 years, he got a total of 2,332 patents under his name out of which 1,093 are U.S. Patents and the other 1,239 patents are non-U.S. He got these patent awards in 34 different countries. He received his first patent for the invention of Electric Vote Recorder, in June 1869. We all know that “Necessity is the mother of Invention” and Edison’s inventions fulfilled the major necessities of life. Thomas Edison drawing and inventions on modern life influencing inventions include- the light bulb, phonograph, the telegraph, the telephone and many more.

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Thomas Edison Drawing: The Important ones

Phonograph: while Edison was working on the telegraph and its variants the idea of recording sound on tinfoil-coated cylinders came across his mind.

 In the year 1877, he made a machine with 2 needles, one for recording and another one for playback. As he spoke through the mouthpiece the recording needle would create indentations on the tinfoil-cylinder. He got patent for this on February 19, 1878.

This detailed Thomas Edison drawing of a phonograph gives a frontal and side view of the phonography.

Figure 1- Edison’s Phonograph

Light bulb: the year 1879 marks the anniversary of the incandescent bulb which majorly replaced the gas lights.

An incandescent light bulb comprises a thread-like object or filament which gives off light when heated by an electric current. In the beginning, they used a platinum filament; being expensive it was later replaced with carbon filament. Furthermore, this highly coiled carbon filament offers great resistance to the current producing radiation. He got patent for this on January 27, 1880.

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He kept the carbon filament in a vacuumed glass shell in order to prevent oxidation and injury. Then passed the current with the help of Platina wires sealed inside the glass. This Thomas Edison Drawing gives an outline of an electric lamp.

Figure 2- Edison’s Electric Bulb

Webermeter: in our day-to-day lives we consume electricity for light, power and other purposes. It is very much desirable to keep track of electricity consumption.

In the year 1880, Edison came up with a device which automatically records the current used and gives instant result. He got patent for this on April 26, 1881.

This is Thomas Edison drawing of a Webermeter that gives a complete outline of the machinery of it.

Figure 3- Edison’s Webermeter

What do we bring?

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