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Role of Engineering Drawings in Patent Application

Engineering drawings or Patent Drawings are the drawings that illustrate the invention of the inventor to the stakeholders. They are very helpful to the patent examiner when he goes through the patent application. A good and rejection-proof patent application should always contain engineering drawings.

A patent application without engineering drawings is rare. The drawings need not be beautiful to represent the art but they should be accurate in their technical aspect. They should describe the invention in all its forms fulfilling the rules and guidelines of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

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Complications of a Patent Application without Drawings

A patent application may not fulfill all the reasons that are important for getting a patent grant. There may be some complications that may hinder the process of granting patents. Some of them may be:

  • A patent application is difficult to read and often unattractive. They are long and contain a lot of words and if we don’t add drawings in them then there are higher chances that your patent will be rejected by the examiner. 
  • The text may not clear all the doubts that the patent examiner may have that’s why patent drawings serve the purpose. They clear all the doubts of the patent examiner with their clean and clear representation of the invention.
  • It’s important to add at least one engineering drawing whereas adding multiple drawings can be really helpful. They can help to overcome the complication of explaining each part of the invention easily which the patent examiner may not understand just in text.
  • Less expression of the idea. The idea of a 3D figure cannot be properly conveyed through text and the patent application must contain an illustration that can represent the idea of the inventor. This can bridge the gap of miscommunication between the inventor and the examiner.

So, engineering drawings play a major role in the patent application and cannot be replaced by text.

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Types of Engineering Drawings

We prepare different types of engineering drawings for different types of patent applications. Basically, there are 3 types of drawings namely:

  • Utility Patent Drawings: These drawings describe the inventions which have more complex designs and attributes. The proposed patents will protect the structural and functional aspects of the invention. Drawings are very important in the utility application. This is because a complicated invention is difficult to understand without the drawings. We prepare these drawings in the form of flow charts, process through different illustrations, chemical formulas, electric circuits, etc.
  • Design Patent Drawings: These drawings describe the unique exterior look of the invention. It’s basically for the new designs and their appearance, thus, patent drawings play a vital role in the description of the invention. There are higher chances that the patent application will be rejected if there are no drawings in it. They represent the designs of jewelry, furniture, or any other design.
  • Plant Patent Drawings: These are for the depiction of any new variety of plant. This can be either asexually or newly discovered other than a tuber propagated plant or a plant found in an uncultivated state.

So, these different types of engineering drawings are very important for the purpose of getting patent approval. They make the application more attractive and easy to read.

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