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April 5, 2016

Patent Drawing Services

Representing ideas visually compared to textually is worthwhile and same goes true for patent applications. With drawings, we can present our invention in a much more convincing and effective manner. All we can say that rather than presenting just a written description to the patent examiner, it is much more worthwhile to have a patent drawing accompanying the description.

However, creating drawing for patents is not a cakewalk and there are plenty of rules that need to be followed for a drawing to be approved by the respective patent office and thus, comes the importance of patent drawing services that are offered by professional draft-persons. With this article, our main aim is to underline why companies should avail patent illustration services or patent drawing services from expert companies.

Below are some of the reasons that will underline why patent drawing services for inventions is important:

When Clarity is needed: Patent drawings are important when we need clarity in our ideas. No matter, whether, you have a utility patent or a design patent it is the responsibility of the applicant to make it as simple as possible, and a patent drawing can help you a lot in that way. Let’s say we have a design of a mobile phone that has many features and functionalities. Putting all these functionalities and features in words will be a tough task but a patent drawing can help us a lot in conveying our idea without having to put much stress.

When we need to reduce complexity:  Effective patent drawing services can also help us a lot in reducing complexities of our design or process. For example, let’s consider we have a design of a mechanical pocket watch consisting of many gears, levers, springs and escapements. Representing all these gears and the way they interact with their counterparts in words is pretty tough. However, if we represent the process in drawing can help examiners understand it in a better way.

While you file design patents:

Patent drawing is important irrespective of the fact that you have a utility or a design patent, still, its importance increases manifold when we are dealing with design patent. In a design patent, we have limited number of claims, thus drawing is the only source which we can rely upon and hence comes the importance of patent drawing services.

When you are uninitiated: As we mentioned earlier patent drawing is not as simple like other kind of drawings. There are plenty of rules and technicalities those are associated with it and a draft-person needs to adhere to all those rules. For those individuals who are uninitiated it could be a tough task to recall all those rules and thus patent drawing services are of utmost importance here.

When you need Knowledgeable and experienced draft-persons: The success of a patent drawing depends much on the draft-person who is creating the drawing. As a new-comer you may not know the technicalities and delicacies that are involved in this domain and hence it is important to go for patent drawing services that can offer you experienced draft-person.

When you are not aware of regulatory norms: As we discussed earlier creating drawing for patents is not as simple as other kinds of drawings. Here we are about to submit our drawing to a federal agency that has plenty of regulatory rules and norms. We need to understand requirements of that particular patent office and make our drawing accordingly. If you are new to the domain of patent drawing then patent drawing services could be of immense use.

Simply put, patent drawings add a lot in explaining the claims of an application and applicants should include a drawing irrespective of the fact that whether it is a utility patent drawing or design patent drawing. However, we need to understand that a drawing will not fructify results if rules are not followed and thus patent drawing services could be of immense use.

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