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FTO Search Process

Freedom-to-operate search (FTO Search), also known as clearance search, is conducted to make sure that all the possible hurdles that might come your way are cleared and you can go on to successfully use your invention. We have already read about the importance of FTO search in an article, and in this article, we will study the FTO search process.

There are a lot of things to be considered before we can actually conduct the search and also while conducting the search. For a successful launch of the invention, it is important to make sure that it is worth all the effort you will put into patenting and creating your invention. FTO search protects you from any future damage that might hinder your smooth functioning process.

In this article, we will study the process of FTO search that will give a successful search process.

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What type of patents are considered?

Before starting the FTO search process, it is important to understand which type of patents are to be considered for the search. For FTO search, active and pending patents are considered. The database is thoroughly searched and all the related patents are considered by the experts to make sure that no such patent will be infringed by you and you will not be infringed by them.

Also, one more factor that is considered is the time period. It is important to make sure to cover back enough time for the search. Usually, patents for the last 20 years are considered to conduct the patent search but it is extended by 5 years in case of the search for patents in a pharmaceutical niche.

Geographical consideration

It is important to consider the countries or geographical locations where you want to protect your invention. Specific jurisdictions protect patents in their specific geographical locations only. So, patents in one country may not protect your invention in other countries. It is important to conduct an FTO search in the geographical locations where you want to protect your invention.

Consider a professional for FTO Search

While doing the task, it is important to get the help of a professional service who can do the work with at most efficiency. Doing an FTO search will require expertise in the field so that you don’t miss on anything that will create any problem for your invention. Any information if left for the search might get you in trouble. So, it is important to search thoroughly with the help of a professional.

Consider the type of patent

There are different types of patents that provide protection so for patent search it is important to consider if you want to go for a design patent search or utility patent search. In the case of a design patent, where you want protection for a newly created design, an FTO search will be considered for a design patent search. If you want to protect any machinery, process, or function then it is important to go for a utility patent search. In either of the patents, it is important to analyze and do the search in the same field so that your patent is rightly protected.

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An FTO search can be beneficial for your patent which will protect your patent from infringement. It will not only save you from your present infringement scenario but also it can help you in the future and you can save yourself from unnecessary trouble. So, it will be great if you go for an FTO search.

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