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Design Patent Search: All you Need to Know

Design patent is granted to inventions that have unique designs or appearances. These are usually for ornaments, jewellery, bags, etc. When you want to keep your design unique, you would want to get a design patent for your design, so that you can get the benefit of scale and that will also help you to build a brand with your specialization. You have to do a design patent search though before you go with your application.  

The inventor can go to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) with the design patent application and on successful approval of the application, he can get the patent. Although, it Is difficult to search for relevant design patents because design patents lack the textual description of the invention, and more of the description is in the form of designs.

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Databases for Design Patent Search

The search can be conducted through various databases available, which have collective data of existing patents. A patent is granted for a particular region and particular type, so it is important to search all the relevant databases in order to not miss out on anything and conduct a fair patent search. Some of the important databases for searching patents are:

USPTO database: USPTO records issued patents and pending applications in its database to provide a clear picture to the new inventors. The applicant can search through the USPTO database to search for relevant patents that might come in the way of getting a patent issued for your unique designs. The search is usually conducted through keywords or names.

Country-based database: Different countries have different patent and trademark offices which provide protection to the invention in their particular region or country.These databases have to search over in order to not infringe on any patent. The various patent offices of countries that have a database are The Japan Patent Office (JPO), European Patent Office (EPO), The Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service, Indian Patent Office, etc.

WIPO database: World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) provides a database of various patents throughout the world. It helps the inventor to surf through various patents issued or pending worldwide.

External database: There are several private databases available that provide a detailed list of issued or pending. These are the companies having a database for the patents and they provide the information in respect to the data required by the inventor to conduct the search in the field of their invention. 

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Importance of Design Patent Search

Design patent search is very important to conduct because before going to the patent office with your invention, you have to be sure that your invention is patentable.

Your design might have a minor difference from that of any other design, so in that case, you should be aware of the available invention so as to make sure that it is not similar. If it is similar, then you can either work on your design again and change it in a way that it becomes patentable or you can pull off your idea to patent your design.

It helps you save the unnecessary cost that might occur if your invention is rejected by the patent office due to the availability of prior-art. By conducting the patent search you know beforehand that its prior-art doesn’t exist.

It improves your knowledge of different design inventions available and gives you the opportunity to improvise invention to make it look better.

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So, a design patent search is very important to keep yourself updated about the available designs. The search provides you with the best results which help you in saving your time and money, it also gives you knowledge that will help you develop your product better.

So, the money spent on the design patent search will be worth it with all the benefits it provides.

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