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Design Patent Drawing Requirement – Important Points to follow

Design Patent drawing is the visualization of the design of the Invention. They include details such as shape, texture, physical property, outline and surface characteristics. For a design patent, the drawings are the equivalent of the soul of the application. You must ensure that you include accurate drawings in your design patent application. These will not only boost your chances of securing patent protection but also protect your invention from infringements.

There is certain Design Patent drawing requirement that you must consider while filing a design patent application.

Design Patent Drawing Requirements

USPTO has set some strict rules regarding the design patent drawings.

  • The figures on the Patent application should contain only black and white lines.
  • There is a separate patent that is filed whenever the applicant wants to use a colored drawing or colored photographs. This Patent should include the Patent filing fees and 3 set of photographs as well as colored drawings.
  • The basic views that are required are front view, top view, bottom view, rear view, left view and right view. Perspective views are helpful in depicting depth, 3D shape, and physical properties.
  • The Patentee should be very careful during the shading part. He\She should properly categorize different surface properties with different shadings. The examiners should be able to easily differentiate between open areas, solid areas, rough planes, and smooth planes.
  • Focus on the drawing of the Invention only. There is no requirement of adding extra details other than the Invention. This just makes your drawing more complex.

For example, if the Invention is on a new improved mouse design of a computer, then we don’t have to show other computer parts as well. We should only focus on the Drawing of the mouse.

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Significance of Design Patent Drawings

You must complete the Design Patent drawing requirement to file a Design Patent application. The Design patent application contains a minimum amount of written description and major illustrative part are the Design Patent drawings.

The applicant needs to insert all the possible views in the drawing to give clarity to the mechanism and working features of the Invention. It makes the Patent examiners understand the Invention clearly.

Thus the chances of Patent application getting accepted are high.

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