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Why Patent Drawings Services are Important?

Patent drawings services are an aid to the inventors for creating illustrations, embodiments, with several views and photographs. Although not compulsory drawings play an important role by giving a pictorial presentation of the invention. During the drafting process, make sure the format of the drawings is as per a particular format as per the USPTO guidelines or of the pertinent patent office.

Importance of Patent Drawings Services –

Creating professional patent drawings is not a cakewalk. Be mindful of creating specific and detail-oriented drawings. Also, there are particular rules and are different for all the patent offices. Patent drawings services are of great aid for inventors, the major reasons include:

  • Pictorial Presentation of Complex Details: a professional patent illustrator knows how to represent a complex design and/or processes with utmost simplicity. So whenever there is a requirement for better clarity of the invention, patent drawing is a solution to go for.
  • Added Clarity to the Invention: although it is not a compulsion to add patent drawings, these serve to add clarity to certain inventions. Say, for example, the description of a mechanical watch doesn’t serve to bring much clarity as appropriately as a patent drawing would portray. The gears, levers and springs, all these parts need detailed clarity provided by professional patent drawings services.
  • Boost Strength of Claims: The claims of your invention are the most crucial aspect of your application. The clearer they are, the better. The drawings you add will certainly help you in reinforcing your claims while you draft them.
  • Design Patent Filing: lucidity of a patent drawing is most important when you go for a design patent. This is so, as this type of patent has less number of claims and designs/drawings are the only source on which we can rely upon. Hence, taking patent drawings services for design patents is of great benefit.
  • An Uninitiated Inventor: patent drawings are not simple designs; they associate plenty of rules with them. It is very much prudent to deliver drawings that abide by the rules of the patent office.

Patent drawing services are affordable, and you can learn how wisely you can invest in patent drawings services.

Features of a good patent drawing –

There are certain features that a patent drawing should possess in order to avoid any office action or rejection of the patent application. Here is a list of major predefined standards that one needs to comply with to create patent drawings for their inventions:

  • Drawings should possess all the features  of the claims;
  • Include the drawings if they are the best mode of explanation of the invention;
  • Provide proper reference numbers;
  • Use only black and white drawings and photographs. File a petition if at all you want to include colored patent drawings and/or photographs;
  • Leave proper margins and use good quality paper of acceptable size;
  • Provide exploded views that completely go with the overall view of the invention;
  • Number the pages in Arabic numerals only;
  • Always number the pages in Arabic Numerals;
  • Provide various views of the drawings on different pages and number them properly.

Why Choose PatSketch?

The team at PatSketch ensures that you get the services that are the best among the rest. Our patent drawing services are as per the rules and regulations of the USPTO.  Thus, we ensure quality work as per the rules and regulations of countries. With quick turn-around-time and iterations, we ensure complete customer satisfaction. You can check our patent drawing samples and do give a visit to us to learn more.

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