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Increasing Relevance of Drawings for Patents

A Patent drawing or a patent illustration is not merely an art but also requires in-depth understandings of patent regulatory norms. Though an artistic flavor is something which is of utmost importance in drawings for patents, still there are some important rules and simply by following those rules we can increase the relevance of our drawings and consequently the chances of it getting approved can be increased.

Below are some of the important rules we can follow to make our patent drawings even more relevant.

Drawings in Patents

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Increasing Relevance of Drawings for Patents:

Put maximum description right at the beginning: Irrespective of whether you have a utility patent drawing or a design patent drawing it’s important to include as much information as possible right at the beginning. As per “no new matter rule,” draftspersons are not allowed to add any new material during amendments or once the application is with the U.S. PTO.

Mention every feature of your invention: It’s important for draftspersons to mention every feature that is there in the claimed subject matter. If you are including a drawing that lacks some or any of the features then you are risking rejection. To avoid such rejection draftspersons should include each feature in drawings for patents.

Prototypes of inventions are allowed: In case your invention is not complete yet and you will need some time to produce an exact representation of the same, in such a situation you are allowed to submit a prototype of your invention. In other words, we can say that applicants have the liberty to provide an unfinished or rough model. For example, if your actual drawings for patents have a part that was fabricated by attaching two or more elements together it can be shown as a single integral part.

Use agreeable measurement systems for patent drawings: In case you are submitting your application with the U.S.PTO then the most preferred measurement system would be the “Metric System” which is the Universal measurement system. Though English measurement system is not forbidden still it is important to use the one which is globally accepted in drawings for patents.

Don’t forget to number each of the features: It is important for draft persons to number each of the features that are there in the patent drawing. Failing to number each of the features could be a mistake that can put your objective in jeopardy.

We need to add maximum numbers of views: The more views a patent drawing is having the better is the case. Since there are many views that a draftsperson can include they need to harness maximum of this opportunity by putting as many views as possible.

Simply put drawings for patents could be immensely useful if it is created as per the norms of the respective patent office. Creating drawings for patents require an in-depth understanding of the patent regulatory regimen and sophisticated drawing technologies like “Computer Aided Designing”. However, simply by following the above-mentioned facts we can simply improve the chances of getting our drawings approved.

utility-patent-drawing design-patent-drawing

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