How to Invest less in Patent Drawings?

Preparing patent drawings in accordance with the USPTO specifications and the invention requirements is an intimidating and nerve-wrecking task. Well, is it okay to trust some third-party draftsperson to create patent drawings for your patent that could do full justification to what you desire? Also, is it possible that you can create your own patent drawings?[…]

Secure your Patent Drawings: Top 6 Methods

In the 21st century, there are a number of ways to gain success from your investments. One such idea is to get Patent for your idea. While framing/creating the patent application/document, it’s better to illustrate selective concepts with the help of Patent drawings. They are visual representation (such as, illustration of embodiments, chemical equations, stages,[…]

Creating Illustrations for Inventions

Creating Illustrations for Inventions: The Basic Rules

We must have heard this adage “A picture speaks a thousand words.”  This goes true for patent drawings or creating illustrations for Inventions, because, drawings that are drawn meticulously, clearly, and consciously can speak much more about your invention than reams of words. In other words, we can say is that an intelligently created patent drawing[…]

Patent Illustration Requirements

Patent Illustration Requirements

Patent Illustration Requirements- Creating an illustration for patents is a completely different affair as it involves strict compliance with the patent regulatory norms of the intended jurisdiction. Unlike other forms of illustration, here, the draftsperson needs to have a complete understanding of the subject matter as well as the patent illustration rules set forth by the respective patent office. Irrespective of[…]

Formatting Details of Utility Patent Drawings

Formatting Details of Utility Patent Drawings

Formatting Details of Utility Patent Drawings – Patent drawing is considered as one of the most important elements of a patent application as it streamlines the whole patent granting process. With an aesthetic patent drawing, we can speak a lot about our invention without writing a whole bunch of texts. However, applicants should know the[…]

solid modeling

Understanding Basics of Solid Modeling

The representation of solid parts of an object on a computer is called as Solid Modelling. This is one of the most advanced methods of geometric modeling in three dimensions. In fact, a geometric model is made up of wireframes that show the object in the form of wires. When we add surface representation to[…]

drawings for patents

How drawings for patents make an application better?

“A picture speaks a thousand words” that ancient adage certainly holds true in the case of patent drawings. An invention can often be more easily explained through drawings than in reams of description. Accurate, clear drawings strengthen and enhance patent applications, helping overloaded patent examiners to understand inventions faster.   Though drawing for patents are[…]


Advantages of Hiring The Patent Drawings Company

Patent drawings or illustrations for drawings are the easiest visual form of understanding an invention. Though, it is not compulsory for applicants to include a drawing for their invention still it is recommended as it can help a lot down the line. There are many companies that offer patent drawing services to their clients these[…]

patent drawing service provider

Why Should Companies Hire The Patent Drawings Company (TPDC)

Patent drawing is not a compulsory component while intending to protect an invention, but it could be of immense use considering the long-term benefits it offer to the applicant. And thus with an aim to provide quality drawings for patents at affordable price TPDC (The Patent Drawings Company) came into existence.  patent drawing service provider[…]


Patent drawings: takeaways for draftsperson

Drawing is something that has fascinated human minds for decades and we have been using it in one form or the other. Since, a drawing worth thousand words, men have been relying on drawings for effective communication since decades and same goes true even in this knowledge economy wherein inventions and discoveries are accompanied by[…]