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Advantages of Hiring a Patent Drawing Company

Patent drawing is a component that is not required as per the statutory rules of various patent offices; still, it makes sense to include a patent drawing as it can increase the chances of your patent application being approved. This is not a guarantee, but it’s a hope and we can say this because drawings for patents can help examiners understand your whole idea without putting much stress on their eyebrows.

However, unlike casual drawings, drawings for patents require an in-depth understanding of patent regulatory norms and patent drawing rules those are put forth by the respective patent office like USPTO.  Failing to stick to these rules can be detrimental as your application can be rejected outright. Since there are plenty of rules and regulations to be followed, making a patent illustration for an invention could be overwhelming if you are uninitiated and have not much exposure to creating scientific illustrations.

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This is where comes the importance of hiring a patent drawing company, that can help you create a patent drawing that is agreeable both to the inventor as well as the patent office. With this article, we have come up with some facts that will underline why inventors should hire a patent drawing company for their patent application.

Due to the degree of complexity: Creating drawings for patents is not a cake walk and a lot goes in creating a patent drawing that can explain your idea comprehensively and at the same time is agreeable to the respective patent office. The simple reason for this is that patent offices have put forth various rules that every draft person needs to follow while creating illustrations for inventions.

For example, in a patent drawing you can’t use any sheet size that you wish but it should be either of a) 21 cm x 29.7 cm which is also called as A4 size or b) 21.6 cm x 27.9 cm. These two sheet sizes are deemed valid for the United States Patent Office and anything that is different is not deemed valid. Similarly, each feature of the invention should be numbered and described properly and that too in Metric System. Failing to number each of the features can jeopardize your overall objective, which is to get your patent application approved.

Likewise, the line-types that we use in a patent drawing are also specific and you can’t just use any line for any purpose. Each type of line has some inherent meaning and that should be used only for a specific purpose. When there are so many rules and regulations to be followed it’s important to hire someone who is an expert in patent drawing.

Drawing should be agreeable both to the inventor as well as the PTO: A patent drawing should be created in such a way that it satisfies both the inventor as well as the respective patent office, and, this can be made possible when you are well acquainted with the invention as well as the regulatory requirements of the respective PTO. In such a situation, a patent drawing company can be of immense help as they understand both the aspects.

Patent drawing requires artistic skills as well as computer designing skills: With the advancement of technology, it is important for a draft person to shift itself from a traditional drawing style to a sophisticated computer designing style, wherein, most of the patent drawing related work will be accomplished by computer software. CAD or Computer Aided Designing is one of the examples we can mention here. Patent drawing companies who are skilled and expert in this art are not only familiar with the domain but also use sophisticated and hi-tech computer software to make a killer patent drawing.

Patent drawing requires experience: You might be creating a patent drawing for the first time but for patent drawing companies this is their bread and butter and they are doing it round the clock and throughout the year. Since they have deep experience in creating illustrations for patents, it is worthy to hire a patent drawing company that is experienced in this art.

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